JNTU-HYD : Revised Academic Regulations For B.Tech / B.Pharmacy - R15 & R13


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Hi sir am lateral entry student of r15 gotadmission in 2016 my doubt is -- if a studentis detained bcoz of 16 credits out of 17 in 2-1accrdng revised rules then if a student gotabove 17 credits after writting reguler exams being detained ie nov oct 2017 2-1 exams sohe/she will be promoted to 3-2 ?
Accrdng to revised rules der is no need of 3-1 credits they wont considering at all forpromotion in 4 year they just considereing 3-2 creditss and attendence is it possible ?
And last doubt whether this detention is forwhole year or semester wise ?
Thank you sir plz clarify my doubts soon


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Hi sir, If I have a backlog in only one non-elective subject. Can I leave the subject under the exemption rule?