VTU : ME / M.Tech Scheme and Syllabus With Effect From 2014-2015


ME / M.Tech Scheme and Syllabus With Effective From 2014-2015

Modified Syllabus

Continuum Mechanics (Common to MDE, MEA, MMD, CAE)

14SCE21 - Modified Syllabus [Managing Big Data - II Semester]

14SCS21 - Modified Syllabus [Managing Big Data - II Semester]

14SIT41 - Modified Syllabus [Managing Big Data - II Semester]​

ME / M.Tech Scheme and Syllabus

Aeronautical Engineering

Aerospace Propulsion Technology

Automotive Electronics

Automotive Engineering

Bio-Chemical Engineering


Biomedical Signal Processing & Instrumentation

Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering


Chemical Engineering

Communication Systems

Computational Analysis In Mechanical Sciences

Computer Aided Design of Structures

Computer Aided Engineering

Computer Application In Industrial Drives

Computer Engineering

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Computer Network Engineering

Computer Science And Engineering

Construction Technology

Cyber Forensics And Information Security

Design Engineering

Digital Communication & Networking

Digital Communication Engineering

Digital Electronics & Communication Systems

Digital Electronics & Communication

Digital Electronics


Energy System And Management

Engineering Analysis & Design

Environmental Engineering

Final Scheme and Syllabus for 2014-15


Geotechnical Engineering

Highway Technology

Industrial Automation and Robotics

Industrial Automation Engineering

Industrial Biotechnology

Industrial Electronics

Information & Communication Systems

Information Technology

Infrastructrue Construction And Management

Infrastructure Engineering & Management

Integrated Waste Management

Intelligent Systems

Machine Design

Manufacturing Science & Engineering

Master Of Engineering Management

Material Science & Technology


Micro Electronics And Control Systems

Nano Technology

Networking and Internet Engineering

Power Electronics

Power System Engineering

Product Design & Manufacturing

Production Engineering & System Technology

Production Engineering

Production Management

Production Technology

Signal Processing

Software Engineering

Structural Engineering

Textile Technology

Thermal Engineering

Thermal Power Engineering

Tool Engineering

Transportation Engineering and Management

Transportation Engineering

VLSI Design and Embedded Systems

Waste water Management Health and Safety Engineering

Water Resources Management

Web Technologies
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