VTU : MCA Scheme & Syllabus [CBCS/Credit System] With Effect From 2016-17 & 2017-18


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Master Of Computer Applications (MCA) Scheme & Syllabus Choice Based Credit System [CBCS] With Effect From 2016-17 & 2017-18 [2016 Scheme & 2017 Scheme]

16MCA61: Internship

  • The students shall undergo internship for 6 weeks during the vacation immediately after the 5th semester examination.
  • The internship shall be carried out in industry/R&D labs or institutions.
  • Internship should be presented along with the report by the end of 6 weeks and shall be evaluated by the internal panel for 50 marks each.

16MCA62: Project Work
  • Synopsis of the project must be submitted before the end of the first month of 6th semester
  • The synopsis of the project must include:
a) Problem formulation and literature survey.
b) Details of the required tools and technologies for the development of project.
c) Write up shall not exceed 15 pages.​
  • Internal assessment for synopsis presentation and evaluation of the synopsis by the internal examiner/guide is for 20 marks.
  • The project shall be carried out in the same institution or in industry/R&D labs based on software tools and technologies learnt in MCA course/internship for minimum period of 16 weeks.
  • Internal assessment shall be evaluated by the internal panel/guide for 55 marks.
a) For continuous evaluation of project work by the internal examiner/guide with progress reports is for 10 marks each. ( 3 progress reports x 10 marks= 30)
b) Final presentation for the entire project is evaluated for 25 marks.​
  • The internal examiners (Project Guide with at least 2 years experience) and the external examiners shall be appointed by the University for the final evaluation of the project.
  • Internal and external examiners shall carry out the evaluation of Dissertation report for 125 marks individually. The average of the marks allotted by the internal and external examiners shall be the final marks for the project Dissertation report evaluation.
  • The project presentation and Viva-voce shall be evaluated jointly by both the internal and external examiners for 100 marks.
  • The student should be encouraged to present/publish the part/outcome of the project as an article in the conferences/journals.


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