VTU : MBA [IM] Scheme & Syllabus [CBCS/Credit System] With Effect From 2016-17 & 2017-18


Master Of Business Administration- Infrastructure Management (MBA-IM) Scheme & Syllabus Choice Based Credit System [CBCS] With Effect From 2016

1. Implementation of CBCS for MBA (IM) Programme will be effective from next academic year, i.e., 2016-17
2. Review of Scheme of Teaching and Examinations being finalized
3. Award of Credits for various components of MBA Programme
4. Allotment of marks for the subjects/papers, seminar and summer project.
80:20 patterns of marks for external examination and internal (IA) marks respectively is to be adopted for all the subjects, except Internship, for which the pattern will be 50:50 basis for internal and external assessments respectively.​

Question paper for theory examination shall consist of Part A and B as under:
  • Part A shall consist of 7 questions subdivided into a, b, c in 2+6+8 mixed patterns. Students need to answer any three full questions out of five questions.
  • Part B shall be a compulsory question on Case study/ Practical problem for 16 marks (may contain a maximum of 4 sub-questions).
IA Pattern: 20 marks in each subject, comprising of 10 marks for tests and 10 marks for assignments / seminars / practical exercises / quiz / oral exams.


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