VTU Circular - Regarding Formula Handbook 3rd Semester 2021 Scheme


VTU Circular - Regarding Formula Handbook 3rd Semester 2021 Scheme


Visvesvaraya Technological University - VTU The Formula Book (Handbook) for 3rd-semester students is published by the Board of Studies, mainly for It helps students track down important formulas faster.
2) Reduces the remembering of the formula by memorizing and saving time
3). It increases your accuracy and increases your speed at solving numerical problems.
4) It saves students from the hassle and the chances of mistakes in the deduction of formulas.
5). It helps to solve the questions quickly.
6). Help the students use their ability, creativity, and good sort of potential to find solutions.

In view of this, the university, with the help of the Board of Studies, has come up with handbooks (formula books) that can be used during examinations in the 3rdsemester of engineering:
1) Common Mathematics Formula Handbook for Circuits and CSE Stream Branches. The handbooks are provided by the publisher to colleges. It is hereby informed to all the principals of the colleges:
1. To properly prepare the invoice, please advise the printer about the copies you require. (Please note the printers email IDs: support@edubuddy.co Address: EDUBUDDY School Pvt Ltd, 3m floor, M1598, Adjacent to Foundry Cluster, Dutch Industrial Estate, Rani Channamma Nagar, Angol, Angol-Industrial Estate, Belagavi-590006, Karnataka Contact No.: +91 8088656234.).

2. As per the directions of the Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor, the printed formula handbooks are supplied to colleges directly from the printer office to the principal of the college.

3. The college has to make payment directly to the sender (the printer). There is no payment to the university; however, a scanned copy of the paid receipt shall be emailed to vtubos23@gmail.com for information.

4. The university hereby notifies all of the engineering college principals to make the payments as soon as possible.

VTU Circular - Regarding Formula Handbook 3rd Semester 2021 Scheme
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Note : Circular issued by VTU on 02-02-2024


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