TU : M.Ed I & II Semesters Almanac For the Academic Year 2017-19


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M.Ed I & II Semesters Almanac For the Academic Year 2017-19

1. Month wise almanac is provided. Day wise curricular activities (almanac) for every month are to be prepared well in advance by the concerned Principal the college and the same should be sent to the Head, Dept. of Education.

2. The College offering M. Ed. Course is expected to submit monthly attendance of students to the following officials – 1. The Head, Dept. of Education, TU; and 2. The Director, Directorate of Academic Audit Cell, TU.

3. Students’ attendance is compulsory in theory (80%) as well as practical activities and internship (90%).

4. The Principals should submit the list of mentors and the students allotted and student mail IDs within 15 days from the commencement of the classes to the Head, Dept. of Education and TU.

5. Every month resource lectures should be arranged in all the papers.

6. All the engagement related work should be arranged and complied to place along with other records. The list of the same shall be forwarded to the Head, Dept. of Education. All the marks lists immediately after the activities should be forwarded to the Head Dept. TU.

7. The teaching staff should be maintained as per the NCTE Regulations, 2014.

8. Engagement: Seminars, Projects/Discussions/Field based stories/study circles/Science clubs/Forums /Observations of Society, School, home on various issues and any other field based work.