Telangana University BA / B.Com / B.Sc I Year I Semester (CBCS) Environmental Studies Syllabus 2016


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U.G. I year Semester-I (B.Sc./B.A./B.Com) CBCS
Environmental Studies
AECC-2 (2 hrs./week) & Credits- 2 (30 hrs)

UNIT- I : Ecosystem, Biodiversity & Natural Resources (12 hrs)
1. Definition, Scope & Importance of Environmental Studies.
2. Structure of Ecosystem-Abiotic & Biotic components Producers, Consumers, Decomposers, Food chains, Food webs, Ecological pyramids)
3. Function of an Ecosystem: Energy flow in the Ecosystem (Single channel energy flow model)
4. Definition of Biodiversity, Genetic, Species & Ecosystem diversity, Hotspots of Biodiversity, Threats to Biodiversity, Conservation of Biodiversity (Insitu & Exsitu)
5. Renewable & Non-renewable resources, Brief account of Forest, Mineral & Energy (Solar Energy & Geothermal Energy ) resources
6. Water Conservation, Rain water harvesting & Watershed management.

UNIT-II : Environmental Pollution, Global Issues & Legislation (12 hrs)
1. Causes, Effects & Control measures of Air Pollution, Water Pollution
2. Solid Waste Management
3. Global Warming & Ozone layer depletion
4. Ill-effects of Fire-works
5. Disaster management-floods, earthquakes & cyclones
6. Environmental legislation:- (a) Wild life Protection Act (b) Forest Act (c) Water Act (d) Air Act
7. Human Rights
8. Women and Child welfare
9. Role of Information technology in environment and human health

Field Study:
(6 hrs)
  • Pond Ecosystem
  • Forest Ecosystem

  • Environmental Studies-from crisis to cure-by R. Rajagopalan (Third edition) Oxford University Press.
  • Text book of Environmental Studies for undergraduate courses (second edition) by Erach Bharucha
  • A text book of Enviormental Studies by Dr. D.K. Asthana and Dr. Meera Asthana
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