Telangana Lockdown ePass - 2021

Telangana (TS) Lockdown ePass - 2021

Telangana (TS) Police Verification and Clearance

Download User Guide on how to apply Police Verification and Clearance

Note :
1. All applicants should ensure selection of correct department and unit before filling the application and payment of fees. In case of selecting wrong department, the application would be summarily rejected. If you have confusion in selection of Department, contact the helpline numbers before proceeding. Fees once paid cannot be refunded.

2. Applicants to note that as of now PVC through this Link is issued only to employees associated with Central/State Govt./PSUs....not for private employees/Security guards... Kindly requested to follow old procedures for the Pvt. Employees/Security Guards in coordination with respective Special Branch of Your District.
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