SVU : PG (M.Com) II Semester Examinations (April 2018) Revaluation Notification



Please read all the instructions carefully, These instructions are for you to make your revaluation process as smooth and efficient as humanly possible. Students of SVU Campus Colleges and SVU Affiliate Colleges will follow the same procedure, Absolutely no difference.Last date for II Sem PG Revaluation without Fine is 08/November/2018 and with Fine is 13/November/2018 for the following Course.


Please select PG II Semester Examinations - APRIL 2018 - Released ON 26-10-2018 in Revaluation Form for the above course.

Here are the detailed steps:

STEP #1: You will select your examination,

STEP #2: You will enter your hall ticket number [Reg.No] and Get Your Result,

STEP #3: You will be shown your personal details and results along with all Subjects,

STEP #4: You will Verify Your Name, Mobile Number, EMail & Subject Details,

STEP #5: You can change your Mobile Number / eMail if you want to,

STEP #6: You will Select Revaluation Criteria Per Each Paper as needed,

STEP #7: Total amount of money to be paid for the revaluation will be shown,

STEP #8: DZPAY: You will goto ,

STEP #9: DZPAY: Enter OTP sent to your mobile phone / eMail and validate number,

STEP #10: DZPAY: You will enter the total revaluation payment amount,

STEP #11: DZPAY: You will select the payment mode [Debit Card, NetBanking, Credit Card,...],

STEP #12: DZPAY: You will follow instructions to complete the payment,

STEP #13: DZPAY: You will get dzpay challan ID [DPXXXXXXXX] to your mobile / eMail,

STEP #14: You will go back to your Examination Revaluation Application,

STEP #15: You will enter the dzpay challan ID in the dzpay challan textbox,

STEP #16: You will click on apply to submit your revaluation request,

STEP #17: Upon successful application you will get SMS / eMail with link to your revaluation request,

STEP #18: If there is any problem in submitting your application form, Please do re click on apply.

STEP #19: You may contact for any issue / problem,

  • Once you take dzpay challan it is valid till you use / claim it,
  • If your application is not submitted / error out or your internet disconnects, You can start a fresh application and use the same dzpay challan,
  • Make sure, to submit hard copy of revaluation application to Honorable CE's office.