Press Release - Digital Interactions Reached Maximum Students: VTU


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VTU While countries are at different points in their COVID-19 infection rates worldwide, there are currently more than 1.5 billion students in 186 countries affected by the closure of on board teaching learning activities due to the pandemic. Few students have been repeatedly representing in the print, electronic and social media that, the online teaching has not served the purpose because of various reasons such as no connectivity or device etc…However statistics related to online teaching as reviewed by the VTU with its Affiliated and Autonomous Engineering institutes tells a different story that, in Karnataka, engineering students have participated wholeheartedly in these online learning sessions.

Reports reflect that, more than 70% students attended the online classes and around 95% students have successfully attended the CIE (Continuous Internal Evaluation) i.e. internal examinations and submitted the assignments as well through online. This has been confirmed by many Principals across state, including from rural places.

As per the data received related to completion of syllabus it’s observed that, prior to lockdown about 25% to 30% portion was completed and during the lockdown due to pandemic, through online approximately 40% to 45% portion has been completed. Hence, effectively, overall 70% to 75% syllabus has been completed, by end of May month. Still online classes are in progress up to 15.06.2020.

VTU has also conducted a survey through the Principals of the institutes to see the digital preparedness of the students. The digital preparedness includes the students possessing the device (Desktop/ Laptop/Smartphone), availability of the internet and digital platform. In this survey, it is observed that 80% to 85% of the students are digitally prepared. This data is on the basis of the reports received from the institutes as collected from the students of each year.

University is aware about the problems faced by the students in terms of poor network, technical snags, poor bandwidth issue, understanding the content etc. and hence the institutes have hosted their own YouTube channels, which have been uploaded with course lectures. Also VTU e-learning unit has its’ own YouTube Channel with 10200 lecture sessions on 322 courses from expert teachers on various courses for VTU students. As per the details available, during lockdown more than 3 Lakh views have been reported. Also teachers have tried their level best to connect with students in different modes of digital platforms like Whatsapp group, Google Meet, WebEx, Zoom, MS-Team etc. for interactions, uploading lecture notes, study material and also telephonic conversations have been conducted.

In the perspective of the above details, it may please be noted that, the claim by the very few students and small group of stake holders is not true. The University will make its fullest efforts to assess its students appropriately only after making them learn and gain confidence with technical /professional knowledge.

Press Release - Digital Interactions Reached Maximum Students: VTU


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