OU UG (YWS) & PGRRCDE Regular/Backlog Internal & Practical Exams Time Table - March/April 2019


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Following is the Schedule of U.G.(Y.W.S) B.A/B.Com/B.Sc./ B.B.A( Backlog) and PGRRCDE (Regular&Backlog) Practical Examinations-2019.

U.G B.A /B.COM/ B.SC/ BBA (Y.W.S) Backlog & PGRRCDE (Regular&Backlog) Internal & Practical Examinations March/April-2019

The Viva-Voce & CBT Exams for English paper – I and II will be conducted at the centres allotted.. The CBT Exam has to be conducted as per the instructions given by the Chairman, Board of Studies in English., Department of English , O.U. The exam has to be conducted by the internal examiner only. The test material (the audio file & question paper) will be sent online to the respective College Login.

The statistics practical examinations for I, II, and III year students will be conducted at the centres allotted with common question paper in each group, on the above specified dates. However, the statistics practical paper–IV (MS-Excel on computer) may be conducted batch wise, consisting maximum of 45 students and for the remaining students the examination may be conducted on the following day.


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