OU UG (YWS) Backlog & PGRRCDE I, II (Regular & Backlog) Internal & Practical Examinations Schedule - Jan/Feb 2021


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Osmania University (OU) All the U.G (Y.W.S) College Principals are hereby informed that the following details are to be noted for uploading UG (Y.W.S) of B.A/B.B.A/B.S.W/B.Com/B.Sc Internal and Practical assessment test marks.

1. All the Practical and Internal examinations i.e IHC, HVPE, Env. Sci, Sci& Civ and Comp. Skills of U.G (Y.W.S) and PGRRCDE I&II Yr (Reg&Blg) assessment tests to be conducted on or before 06.02.2021.

2. Conduct of Practical examinations is entrusted to respective colleges. Practical Examinations may be conducted in offline/ online mode by appointing internal and external examiners by the Principal of the College. The answer scripts of the same should be sent to the examination branch after uploading the marks through the link provided by the branch.

3. The Foreign Languages and Viva-Voce examination will be conducted at the concerned departments, Arts College, O.U.

4. The English CBT exam has to be conducted as per the instructions given by the Chairman, Board of Studies in English Department, O.U. The test material (the audio file &question paper) will be sent online to the respective College Login.

5. Absent should be noted as " Ab ".

6. Principal will be held responsible for entries made on the website and award list for internal and practical assessment test.

7. Principals are instructed to display the final marks on notice board before uploading the marks to O.U. Marks once uploaded by the colleges are final and strictly there is no provision for alterations.

8. Printed award list along with D- Form should be submitted to the exam branch on or before 11.02.2021. If not submitted, fine will be imposed after the due date.

OU U.G B.A/B.Com/B.Sc/BBA (Y.W.S) Backlog & PGRRCDE I & II (Reg&Blg) Internal & Practical Examinations Schedule - Jan/Feb 2021


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