OU-PGRRCDE : MBA / BBA Project Report Guidelines 2018-19


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In all professional courses it is customary to insist on a Project Report. This is a world wide fact aimed at preparing the students to get the taste of the real life situations in the Profession they have chosen to pursue.

Project work is aimed at preparing you the MBA student, in understanding the application value of the principles and paradigms you have studied as part of your two year programme. The objective of this booklet is to offer you guidelines to select a topic (list of suggested topics given as annexure) of your choice or choice of the organization where you want to study in consultation with your project guide. If you follow these guidelines carefully the objective of preparing you reports is an essential activity of any business manager. The format for project report given here is universally accepted and if you follow this format carefully, it will facilitate your examiner in the evaluation of this report which carries grades A to D. please note that you can show your project report with confidence and pride to your prospective employers (selectors) if you have worked carefully on your project report.

MBA / BBA Project Report Guidelines 2018-19