Need Help in Edcet counselling

Ahmed iqbal

New Member
Sir i got around 340 rank in edcet i went to nearby mandal to exercise the Web Counselling i wanted to join the nearest College so i put it but a guy at mandal picked other options without my permission saying it was necessary when counselling phase was over i got that option that i was forced to pick Its too far away will take almost 2 hours for me to travel so i didnt wanted that right now it was said that u need to wait for 2nd phase counselling i got few questions
1) will the option that i picked in last counselling be available ?
2) Do i have to pay extra fees to re-participate in 2nd phase of counselling?
3) i would like to know when 2nd counselling will begin since the site is hard to understand what its saying
please help me
Thanks in advance