MGU : UG Practical Examinations Schedule & Group A, B Colleges List - Feb 2017


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Following is the Schedule of II & III year B.A./B.Com/B.Sc. Annual Regular I, II & III Year/Backlog Practical Examinations- for all the colleges is as follows.

Download Practical Examinations Schedule, Centres & Group A & B List Here

  • The lists of group ’A’ and Group ‘B’ is available on the website The Viva-Voce & CBT Exams for English Paper-I and II will be conducted at the respective colleges. The test CD will be supplied from the examination branch on the above specified dates. After Examinations the test CD has to be returned along with the award list (proforma enclosed) to the Examination Branch. The list of External Examiners will sent to the college login.
  • The statistics practical examinations for I , II & III year students will be conducted at the respective colleges with common question paper in each group, on the above specified dates.
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