M. Sc. Psychology II year (2015-2016) Batch Practical Classes Schedule 2018


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M. Sc Psychology II year (2015-2016) Batch Practical Classes Schedule 2018

Venue: Academic Building, Room No: 223, 1st Floor, Dr. BRAOU Campus, Hyd.
Timings: 10:45 AM to 5 PM

1. Attendance is compulsory on all 6 days. If the candidate is absent even for a single session, he/she will not be permitted to take the final practical examination.

2. Students may purchase and bring one physics or Chemistry Practical Record for writing psychology record.

3. The students should report at the Department of Psychology by 10:15 AM on the first day of the training.

4. They should also bring Practical manual of P.G I year which was already supplied to students by the university.

5. The dates of practical examinations will be announced at the time of practical classes.

6. The experiments/tests that are discussed in the Practical manual of M. Sc II year will be conducted during the period of practical classes.

7. Students should bring ID card issued by the university.