Kakatiya University Notice-Examination Branch-Attention of Students


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Kakatiya University (KU) All the Students are hereby informed to adhere strictly to the guidelines of the UGC, New Delhi and follow the instructions of the Telangana State issued from time to time regarding the prevalence of second wave of COVID19. In view of the pandemic situation, their entry into the Examination Branch is restricted as precautionary measures for the safety and health of the employees working in all the sections of Examination Branch. Hence, all the students are advised to visit the following links of our Kakatiya University Websites for necessary updated information:

1. https://kakatiya.ac.in/
2. https://www.kuonline.co.in/
3. https://www.kuexams.org/

Further, the students are also advised to avoid frequent visits to the Examination Branch in Warangal regarding the matters related to examinations. However, they are advised to feel it convenient to get redressing their grievances/clarifications, if any, through online by communicating to this office e-mail id: “kuexamination_helpline@kakatiya.ac.in”. In case of any emergency, they are advised to obtain prior permission/appointment of the incharges of the sections concerned through the above e-mail

Kakatiya University Notice-Examination Branch-Attention of Students


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