JNTUK Optional Centers for Writing B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 3-1 Semester Supplementary Examinations August 2021

JNTUK The B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 3-1 Semester Supplementary external examinations are scheduled to be held from 11th August 2021. As per the university direction and in view of COVID-19, the examinations will be held in respective colleges (Self-examination centres). The students, who are far away from the respective colleges and not able to come to parent college, may choose the nearest examination centres to write their examinations.

Hence, the Principals of affiliated colleges are requested to take the options from the needy students only and upload the same in the link provided in the Examination Portal before 01:00 PM on 02-08-2021.

The Principals of parent colleges are requested to coordinate with other host college Principals for the conduct of Mid examinations also in the centres opted by these students. The question papers shall be sent by the parent colleges and the valuation, marks uploading shall also be done by the parent college. The Principals are also requested to hand over the end examination OMR answer booklets and additional expenditure for the conduct of examinations to the students opted for other centres to the Principals of host colleges well before the commencement of exams.