JNTUH Undertaking Form for students who are attending B.Tech I Year &1-2 Sem Supple Exams - Aug 2018


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I hereby unconditionally undertake that in the event I do not acquire the required credits even after appearing the Advanced Supplementary examinations of I year II semester (R16) / I year (R15) which are to be conducted from 07-08-2018, I shall oblige for the detention in First year which is as per the academic regulations of JNTUH even though I have been permitted by the University to attend the class work of II, III, IV year I semester.

As JNTUH is favoring the students in conducting advance supplementary examinations and permitting to attend the class work of II, III, IV year I semester of the course for the benefit of the students as such I will claim neither any equities nor I will approach the Court of Law if I do not secure the required credits even after declaring the results of the advance supplementary examinations which are scheduled to be held from 07-08-2018.

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Sir please do reply
Is 186 credits required for btech degree for
(R15 detained) R16 readmitted exemptions of
(8+6) credits??? As it mentioned in regulations pdf
Sir please do reply
Yes sir I already asked sir but they are saying upto 8 credits & "sir told that it may change we are not confirmed yet sir says"
Is 186 credits is required for getting btech cse??
(R15 detained) r16 readmitted (8+6) credits as exception
Sir please do reply sir
Is 186 credits required for btech degree CSE ?
(R15 detained) r16 readmitted
(8+6) as exception credits