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Procedure to Apply for PC & CMM [B.Tech / B.Pharmacy Students] @ http://www.forum.universityupdates.in/threads/jntuh-procedure-to-apply-for-pc-cmm.661/

What is Undertaking: If a student acquires sufficient credits for the issue of Provisional Certificate as per their academic regulations, and failed in one or two subjects, the student can forego the performance in these failed subjects and can apply for the issue of Provisional Certificate. Here the student has to give an undertaking stating that he/she will never apply for the supplementary exams conducted by the University in the future.

What is Grace marks: If a student fails in one or two subject, pass in these subjects is essential for acquiring the required credits (for the issue of Provisional Certificate), and by adding few additional marks*, the student is able to pass the subject(s), then such grace marks will be added and the Provisional Certificate will be issued to the candidate. If any candidate applies for the grace marks, the Original Marks Memo(s) containing the subject(s) for which addition of Grace Marks are applicable should be submitted along with the letter.

What is Tatkal Scheme: For the issue of Certificates after the declaration of results, the examination branch may take about ten days to two weeks time. If there is an urgency in getting the certificate, the candidate may apply for the same certificate under Tatkal scheme. Under this scheme the student can get the certificate within two working days time.

Application for PC & CMM under Tatkal Scheme : Download Link 1 | Download Link 2

How to make payment (if applicable): The Challan (Issued at any SBI)/DD should be taken for the total amount specified.

Please refer the following table for the combinations of cases for which one single application is sufficient. Also please note that the for all these cases the letter must be endorsed by the College Principal where the student is studying.



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K uttej goud

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Dear sir i have failed in 3 subjects in which i have applied 2 subjects for exemption and 1 subject for adding grace marks.is am eligible for the below details.

1. 3-2sem r13 lateral entry.
i have failed in 2 subjects vlsi and dsp. In vlsi i got 21 internal and 8 external where as in dsp i got 22 internal and 8 external.

2. In 4-2sem in radarsystem i have got 23 internal and 19 external. For this i have applied for adding grace marks r13 lateral entry.
Did am eligible for this. Plz give me a correct information regarding this. Waiting for ur valuable reply sir.