JNTUH : Requirements,Enclosure & Application for Anti-Plagiarism Check Re-submission 2nd / 3rd time


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Each Scholar, whose performance is evaluated as SATISFACTORY in the Colloquium by DRC, shall submit a SOFT COPY - CD (in Word FORMAT) of his/her T hesis to R&D Cell, for PLAGIARISM CHECK. Please mention the following details on the CD and also Backside of the Covering letter.
  • Name of the Candidate, H.T. No., Supervisor & Co-supervisor
  • Department & Year of Admission
  • Contact Address, E-mail ID and Contact Number of the Candidate, Supervisor & Co supervisor.

  • Thesis Soft Copy.
  • Photocopy of the previous Anti – Plagiarism Report.
  • Colloquium Report.
  • No Due Certificate.

NOTE: Entire soft copy of Thesis shall be submitted as a single file (No limit on size)

Download Application Form Here


  • Application for Anti Plagiarism check ReSubmission.pdf
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