JNTUH : Promotion Rules For B.Tech / B.Pharm (R15) 1,2,3,4 Year - I & II Sem [Regular/Lateral Entry]

Sir, i am lateral entry student as i have 4 subjects in 2-1 sem i. e., :12 credits & i have cleared 4 subjects in 2-2. Total i have got 34 credits out of 56. I have seen in r-15 revised regulation in their by getting 34 credits he/she is promoted but in college they r saying yo be promoted in 3-1 you should get 17 credits in 2-1 which is right sir confusing..
Did u get any info
A student shall be promoted from II to III year only if he fulfills the academic requirement of 50 credits from one regular and one supplementary examinations of I year, and one regular and one supplementary examination of II year I semester irrespective of whether or not the candidate takes the examination and secures prescribed minimum attendance in II year II semester.
I got 46 now am I detained?
You need to have 50 credits. So you will be detained. Detained list is already sent to colleges contact your exam branch staff to know the details.

Are thy conducting 2-1 supply again
Mostly in Nov/Dec 2017. [Info is given in Academic Calendar]. Will alert you if yet any notification is issued.
Yes according to the promotion rules you need to get the required no.of credits to promote to further years/semesters.
But as per rule I gt 68 plus till 2-2 na
Y will I be detained?
N this rule sld come before only Na
And in that portal u have mentioned that u sld get 50 credits in 2-1 OR u sld get 68 till 2-2
Now I got 70


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It was a late update now how can u change when I wrote my 2-2 exams n passed all subjects n got the required credits how can it be updated so late I wrote my 2-2 also
they will consider 2 2 credits also for btech students hiw they will cancle now after issuing rule nd now they r not considering
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