JNTUH : Procedure to Apply for PC & CMM


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Sir I have three backlogs.. in one subject I got 25 marks.. how can I go for my cmm/od.
Hello sairam, can you mention the following things

1. Your regulation/year of joining B.Tech & branch of study.
2. In which year/semester do you have backlogs, mention the subject names even.
3. Whats your Internal & external [Best among all regular/supple exams till now] marks in those 3 failed subjects ?


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Hi sir ,.
I belong to r13 regulation .LE (2014-17) I have failed in m3 can I leave that subject?? Please reply Asap. Thanks in advance.


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Yes you can leave it to get the memos.

Under tatkal process it may take 2 to 3 days.
My college isn't providing the undertaking forms yet. But others already started the exemption process and are getting their memos. Can I download the undertaking form , from somewhere, and print it on the college letterhead myself? Please reply. TIA


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Sir i am R13 i have Linux programming and M-1 but i applied for grace marks for linux programming now can i go to jntu to apply exemption in tatkal for M-1 .I applied for grace marks on june 1st week in clg .


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If you had filled undertaking form while applying for grace marks then you will get the memos by using exemption rule or M1.

Himaja Garrepally

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Sir, I am R13 batch and now I applied for grace marks for one subject and two subjects for exemption, but still now I didn't get my cmm and pc. I applied before 45/50days..It is very emergency, as I need to submit in office.. I contacted college but they are not responding. Is there any alternate method.? As tatkal is not applicable in my case. .