JNTUH B.Tech 1st Year (R15) & 1-2 Semester (R16) Advanced Supple Exams Time Table - August 2018


JNTUH Postponement of All Examinations Scheduled on 7th August 2018

B.Tech 1-2 Semester Advanced Supplementary Examinations Time Table - August 2018

B.Tech 1st Year Semester Advanced Supplementary Examinations Time Table - August 2018

  • Any Omissions Or Clashes In This Time Table May Please Be Informed To The Controller Of Examinations Immediately.
  • Even If Government Declares Holiday On Any Of The Above Dates, The Examinations Shall Be Conducted As Usual.
  • Readmitted Students Have To Appear For The Substitute Subject(S) [Which Is/Are Not Shown In The Time-Table] In Place Of The Subject(S) Already Passed. For Details Of Substitute Subjects Refer The Communications Received From The Director Of Academic & Planning

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  • B.Tech I Year R15 Advanced Supply Timetable August-2018.pdf
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  • B.Tech I Year R15 Drawing Advanced Supply Timetable August -2018.pdf
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  • B.Tech I-II R16-Graphics Advanced Supply TIimetable August -2018.pdf
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  • B.Tech R16 I-II Advanced Supply TimeTable August-2018.pdf
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