JNTUH Attendance Requirements For B.Tech R18 Regulation Students

JNTUH Attendance Requirements For B.Tech R18 Regulation Students
  • A student shall be eligible to appear for the semester end examinations, if the student acquires a minimum of 75% of attendance in aggregate of all the subjects/ courses (excluding attendance in mandatory courses like Environmental Science, Constitution of India, Intellectual Property Rights, and Gender Sensitization lab) for that semester. Two periods of attendance for each theory subject shall be considered, if the student appears for the mid-term examination of that subject. This attendance should also be included in the fortnightly upload of attendance to the University.
  • The attendance of Mandatory Non-Credit courses should be uploaded separately to the University.
  • Shortage of attendance in aggregate up to 10% (65% and above, and below 75%) in each semester may be condoned by the college academic committee on genuine and valid grounds, based on the student’s representation with supporting evidence.
  • A stipulated fee shall be payable for condoning of shortage of attendance. Condonation Fee for each student : Rs. 300/-
  • Shortage of attendance below 65% in aggregate shall in no case be condoned.
  • Students whose shortage of attendance is not condoned in any semester are not eligible to take their end examinations of that semester. They get detained and their registration for that semester shall stand cancelled. They will not be promoted to the next semester. They may seek re-registration for all those subjects registered in that semester in which the student is detained, by seeking re-admission into that semester as and when offered; if there are any professional electives and/ or open electives, the same may also be re-registered if offered. However, if those electives are not offered in later semesters, then alternate electives may be chosen from the same set of elective subjects offered under that category.
  • A student fulfilling the attendance requirement in the present semester shall not be eligible for readmission into the same class.
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