JNTUH : Advance Supplementary Exams For B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 1st Year (R15) Students in Aug/Sept 2016


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Note : 1st Year Advanced Supplementary Examinations Notification || Time Tables

As per the regulations formulated for 2015 admitted students into the B.Tech / B.Pharmacy courses (known as R15 Regulations in the affiliated colleges of JNTUH) in the year 2015-16 should get a minimum of 28 credits out of 56 credits registered to get the promotion from 1st year to 2nd year. There are 13085 (B.Tech : 12344 + B.Pharmacy : 741) students detained due to shortage of credits from 1st year to 2nd year out of 53,098 (B.Tech : 48,331 + B.Pharmacy : 4767) students. The detention system has been introduced for the first time at this first year level. From the current year 2016-17 admitted students, the semester system has been introduced in place of year wise in 1st Year and the same rule of 50% credits is required for promotion to 2nd year. Further, this is the last batch of year-wise system in 1st year. In view of this, the standing committee of Academic Senate has taken the following decisions without compromising the promotion rules.

  1. To conduct advanced supplementary examinations ONLY for R15 Regulations in the month of August/September 2016 for 1st year failed students which has been originally scheduled in the month of October/November 2016 and give an opportunity to get the required credits.
  2. If they get the required credits with this supplementary, they will be promoted to 2-1 Semester, failing which they will be detained.
  3. It should also be noted that there will not be any more supplementary examinations for R15 regulation students in this year.
  4. To this effect, the students will have to submit an undertaking that they are prepared for detention if they do not get the required credits even after writing supplementary examinations (That is, the students will be allowed to write the supplementary examination ONLY AFTER SUBMITTING THE UNDERTAKING FORMS).
  5. The students will be allowed to continue to attend the classed of 2-1 Semester till the completion of the process of supplementary examinations with ht submission of an Undertaking.
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