JNTUA RC, CV & PCA Notification for MBA 3rd Semester (R17 & R14) Supplementary October 2020 Examinations


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RC, CV & PCA Notification Issued For :
  • MBA III Semester (R17, & R14) Supplementary October 2020 Examinations
The candidates who wish to apply for recounting of theory external marks / challenge valuation / photocopy of answer script should submit the requisitions to their Principals along with the attested statement of marks with necessary fee on or before 27.11.2020
  • There is no recounting for laboratory external
  • The processing fee for recounting (non-refundable) for each theory external is Rs.100/-
  • The fee for challenge valuation is Rs. 10,000/- per subject
  • The fee for photo copy of answer scripts is Rs. 1500/- per subject

Download Official Notification Here

Note :
1. Procedure to apply for Recounting

2. Procedure to Apply For Challenge Valuation

3. Procedure to obtain Photo Copy of Answer Scripts


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