JNTUA B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 4-2 Sem (R13 & R09) Advanced Supple Exams (July 2019) CV Notification


CV Notification Issued For :
  • B.Tech 4-2 Semester (R13 & R09) Advanced Supplementary July 2019 Examinations
  • B.Pharmacy 4-2 Semester ((R13 & R09)) Advanced Supplementary July 2019 Examinations

The candidates who wish to apply for challenge valuation of answer script should submit the requisitions to their Principals along with the attested statement of marks with necessary fee on or before 05.09.2019
  • The fee for challenge valuation is Rs. 10,000/- per subject

Official Notifications : B.Tech | B.Pharmacy

Note :
1. Procedure to apply for Recounting

2. Procedure to Apply For Challenge Valuation

3. Procedure to obtain Photo Copy of Answer Scripts