GuruCool – An IBM’s unique initiative exclusive for Faculty


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GuruCool – An IBM’s unique initiative exclusive for Faculty

About GuruCool: Most of the Industry-led programs are focussed on students, developer whereas Teachers are the ones who play the most pivotal role in shaping anyone's growth and India's future.

IBM in collaboration with Smartbridge invites all faculty members to participate in this monthlong Training & Project Build-a-Thon program. This will help teachers to work on their best ideas with support from IBM and SmartBridge mentors. Learn, upskill, and collaborate to work on a project. There will be 6 days of technical workshops on technologies such as IoT, Python, Machine Learning, Cloud Native, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence. Faculty members can attend technical sessions and enroll in the project(s) of their interest area. All workshops will be hands-on workshops and a free cloud account (lite) will be provided for learning and project building.

Who can Apply? Any Faculty member, Any Stream

Registration Fees? NIL

Last Date to Resister - 25th September 2020

Registration Link -


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