BRAOU : MBA Assignments For Each Specialization For A.Y. 2016-17


Dear Student,

We are enclosing two assignments in each course, for all the three optional courses in each specialization area of third year MBA Program (2014-15 Batch). Please note the following points while answering these assignments:

1. Assignments are compulsory for MBA Program. They have a weight age of 30% in each course.

2. You have to submit both the assignments compulsorily. You will not be allowed to appear for the year-end examination for any course if you do not submit the specified number of assignments in time for that course.

3. Each assignment carries a maximum of 15 marks and you have to get a minimum of 40% of marks, i.e., 6 out of 15, to qualify in that assignment. If you fail to get the minimum marks in any assignment, you have to resubmit that particular assignment. Repetition of the same assignment will not be allowed more than once.

4. The maximum marks for each course at the year-end examination are 70 and you have to get a minimum of 40% i.e., 28 out of 70.

5. Division will be awarded on the basis of the aggregate marks obtained in assignments as well as in the year-end examinations.

6. Dates of submission for the assignments are: All Courses in each Specialization Area
  • FIRST ASSIGNMENT: 31.08.2017
  • SECOND ASSIGNMENT: 15.10.2017

7. If, under unavoidable circumstances, you fail to submit the assignments within the stipulated time, your results will be declared only after the submission and evaluation of all the assignments.

Download Official Notification & Assignments Here