BRAOU : Contact-Cum-Counselling Classes for All 1st Year PG & MBA Programmes For A.Y. 2018-19


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Schedule of Contact-cum-Counselling Classes for I Year M.A. (Economics, History, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Journalism & Mass Communication, Telugu, English, Hindi & Urdu), M.Com, MBA, and M.Sc.(Maths, Psychology, Botany, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics & Zoology) for the Academic Year 2018-19.

Contact –Cum-Counselling Classes for All First Year PG Programmes & MBA First Year I-Semester-2018-19

Note 1:
  • 16 classes for M.A. and M.Sc. duration is 1 ½ hours.
  • 12 classes for M.B.A IIIyear & M.Com Programmes will be of 2 hours duration each. Contact-cum-Counselling classes will be conducted on 24 Sundays for these programmes which are divided in two spells (12+12).
  • 8 Classes shall be conducted for M.B.A. Ist Semester of 2 hours duration each.(4+4). Classes will be conducted in 2 spells, i.e., 3 Courses in spell-I and 3 courses in spell-II. Similarly, 8 Classes for M.B.A. 2nd Semester of 2 hours duration each (4+4) will be conducted in 2 spells, i.e.3courses in spell-I and courses in spell-II.
Note 2: The above Contact-cum-Counseling Schedule is subject to adjustment by the Head of the Study Centre concerned depending upon the local conditions.