AU Securing of marks-calculation of SGPA/CGPA & Valuation of Foundation Course for UG (CBCS) Course


The Hon'ble Vice-Chancellor having considered the Mi nutes of the Meeting read (1) above and pleased to order that the following guidelines be followed for B.A./B.Com / B.Sc /B.B.A/ B.C.A and B.H.M & C.T Degree Courses (CBCS) offered by Andhra University from the academic year/admitted batch of 2015-16.
  • The student should secure 35% (26 Marks) of 75 Marks as pass percentage in the external assessment and 40% (40 Marks) of 100 (75+ 25) Marks in the overall assessment for both theory and practical.
  • For Mid Semester Examination there is no minimum marks prescribed and there will be no re-examination for Mid Semester Examination.
  • The marks of theory and practical's are separately for calculating the grade out 100 Marks.
  • Practical Examinations should be conducted for 100 Marks (Internal 50 Marks & External 50 Marks) and pass mark in practical examination is 50% of External Examination and the total marks be taken into account.
  • Grace and grafting should be award for each semester.
  • In case of re-admission the students should take admission into I Semester only. However the candidate is allowed to contin ue his studies through School of Distance Education, Andhra University.
  • The papers of Foundation course should be valued for 100 Marks (75+ 25).
  • For calculating SGPA & CGPA the University adopted New Grading System suggested by UGC.

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