AU : B.P.Ed/D.P.Ed 1st semester (Reg/Supply) Jumbled Examination Centers - January 2019


I am by direction to inform you that the following colleges have been Clubbed / Jumbled as examination Centers for the B.P.Ed / D.P.Ed 1st Semester Regular and Supplementary Examinations Scheduled to be commence from 1st Semester : 07-01-2019 to 10-01-2019, 2 pm to 5 pm. The following Colleges have been identified as Examination Centers for the smooth conduct of Examinations in Jumbling / Clubbing System.

In this Connection, it is submitted that in order to avoid more expenditure and to conduct examination smoothly. It is proposed to club the following Colleges as Examination centers as noted below as per proposed practice.

B.P.Ed/D.P.Ed 1st semester (Reg/Supply) Jumbled examination centers - January 2019


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