APJAKTU S8 students - digital learning environment - a survey


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KTU We are all passing through a difficult phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our governments are taking earnest efforts to ensure our safety and well-being. Amidst these, we also need to see how the academics of our students should move at its best possible way. World over, universities and institutions are trying out various schemes and strategies to stride through this phase. At this juncture, it is urgently required to collect a statistics regarding the digital learning facilities of our students. As a first phase we are now collecting the statistics of S8 students who lack connectivity/equipment at their present place of residence. An excel sheet have been mailed to all Principals today. Principals shall compile the data from all the S8 classes of their institution and mail it back to support@ktu.edu.in on or before Tuesday. Students who see this announcement shall inform their friends too to contact their staff advisors so that the required information could be given. All are requested to kindly co-operate. Stay Safe. Registrar-in-charge.