APJAKTU Notification - Change of exam centre for students allotted with College of Engg. Chengannur as their exam centre


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APJAKTU The Principal, College of Engineering, Chengannur has informed that the Institution is taken over by District Disaster Management Authority to felicitate as Covid First Line Treatment Centre (CFLTC) from 28.09.2020, Monday onwards. So, Examinations could not be conducted at the college. Under these Circumstances, All B.Tech S4 Examinations scheduled to be held on 28.09.2020 (Monday) & 30.09.2020 (Wednesday) at the College of Engg. Chengannur is hereby shifted to Providence College of Engg & St. Thomas College of Engg. Chengannur.

All students who have opted College of Engg. Chengannur as their exam centre are directed to attend the said examinations at the above two colleges. Students are segregated based on the courses they have registered. A list showing new exam centre for these 2 days is attached as an Annexure to the notification.

For the B.Tech S1,S2 (Supplementary) Examinations scheduled to commence on 29.09.2020 (Tuesday), few students are already allotted with College of Engg. Chengannur as their exam centre. Their already allotted centre will be revoked and will be re-allotted (by the University) with their second choice. In the case of such students, their approved exam centres will be displayed in the portal from 28.09.2020, Monday and thereafter.

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