ANU Enhancement of Examinations Fee Dated on 10th June 2021


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ANU The Vice-Chancellor has, in pursuance of Executive Council Resolution cited at Ref- 1, ordered that the rates presently in force for different categories of fees payable to the University by the Colleges/Students/Employees/Others are enhanced w.e.f. 01-04-2021 as detailed below:
  1. Affiliation Fee, New Colleges Fee, New Courses Fee, Additional Seats Fee, Transfer Fee, Break of Study Condonation Fee and other College/Student related Fee are enhanced by 5%.
  2. Examination Fee, Revaluation Fee, Certificates Fee and Other Examination related Fee is enhanced by 5%.
  3. Bus pass charges payable by the employees of the University are enhanced by 5%.
  4. Guest House Rent of the University is enhanced by 5%.
(In view of COVID-19 Pandemic the above said feeses were not enhanced during the year 2020-21).

The Vice-Chancellor has further ordered that all the Officers concerned are requested to take follow-up action for communicating revised rates to the Colleges/Students/Employees for implementing the same w.e.f. 01-04-2021 (w.e.f. the Academic Year 2021-22 in respect of Affiliation fee/other related fee and Examination fee/other related fee).

ANU Enhancement of Examinations Fee Dated on 10th June 2021


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