ANU-CDE Year End Online Materials


ANU-CDE Year End Online Material
B.Com General Final TM
DBC33 Cost and Management.pdfDBC31 Business Laws.pdf
DBC34 Business Corresponding.pdf
DBC35 Business Data Processing System.pdf
DBC36 Corporate Accounting.pdf
DBC32 Practical Auditing & Income Tax.pdf
MA History II Year
DH21 His of IndiaDH24 History of Contemporary World Since 1919.pdf
DH23 Historical Method with Spl. Ref to Indian History
DH22 Social & Economic History of Modern India
DH25 History of Modern Andhra.pdf
BA History III Year
DAHIS31 history of Modern EuropeDBME21 Macro Economics
DHIS32 History of Modern AndhraDBFM21 Fundamentals of Marketing
DBBS21 Business Statistics
B.ScBA Political & Public, Eco
B.Sc Botany II Year Gymnsperms Plant Anatomy Part 1DEC22 ECONOMICS -INDIAN ECONOMY
B.Sc Botany II Year Gymnsperms Plant Anatomy Part 2.pdf
M.A. HistoryMA Economics
DH22 Social & Economic History of Modern IndiaDEC22 ECONOMICS -INDIAN ECONOMY
DH23 Historical Method with Spl. Ref to Indian History
DH24 History of Contemporary World Since 1919
DH25 History of Modern Andhra
Lesson 1Lesson 10
Lesson 2Lesson 11
Lesson 3Lesson 12
Lesson 4Lesson 13
Lesson 5Lesson 14
Lesson 6Lesson 15
Lesson 7Lesson 16
Lesson 8
Lesson 9
Lesson 1Lesson 11
Lesson 2Lesson 12
Lesson 3Lesson 13
Lesson 4Lesson 14
Lesson 5aLesson 15
Lesson 5bLesson 16
Lesson 6Lesson 17
Lesson 7Lesson 18
Lesson 8Lesson 19
Lesson 9Lesson 20
Lesson 10
B.Sc. P-II CHEMISTRY. Telugu Meidium
MBA II Year Management of Information Systems
  • Managing change in organisations
Unit 4Lesson 1,2
Unit 5Lesson 3
Unit 6Lesson 4,5,6,7
Unit 7Lesson 8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18
Unit 8
Unit 10Labour Legislation & Industrial Relations
Unit 11Frist Pages
Unit 12Lesson 1
unit 13Unit 1
Unit 14Unit 2
Unit 3
M Com MBA II Yr Common MISUnit 4
Lesson 1Unit 11
Lesson 22.1
Lesson 32.2
Lesson 42.3
Lesson 5Unit- IV
Lesson 64.1
Lesson 7
  • Management of Financial Services final
Lesson 8Management of financial services question papers
Lesson 9First form
Lesson 10Lesson 1
Lesson 11Lesson 2
Lesson 12Lesson 3
Lesson 13Lesson 4
Lesson 14Lesson 5
Lesson 5 Table
  • Financial Management
Lesson 6 A
Lesson 1Lesson 6 B
Lesson 2Lesson 7 A
Lesson 3Lesson 7B
Lesson 4Lesson 8
Lesson 5Lesson 9
Lesson 6
Lesson 7
Lesson 8
Lesson 9
Lesson 10
Lesson 11
Lesson 12
MBA T T M Study Material
Management Process & Organizational Behavior
Cultural Heritage Tourism of India
HRM in Tourism
Global Tourism Geography
Entrepreneurship in Tourism
Communication Skills & Ethics in Tourism
Basics of Accounting & Finance
Research Methods in Tourism
BCom QT-I TMB.A History I yr Full book
DBC011 Business Economics EMB.A. III year Political Thought online
DBC011 Business Economics Telugu MediumB.A. Poli. I yr full book
DBC012 Financial Accounting I EMB.A. Soc P IV A Full Book
DBC013 IOM EMBA Pub.Admn II Year online
DBC013 IOM Telugu MediumBA Spl Tel III Year Grammar and History online
DBC014 Quantitative Techniques - I EM
DBC21 Banking and Financial Systems
DBC22 Financial Accounting - II
DBC23 Quantitative Techniques - II
DBC24 Fundamentals of Computers English Medium
Financial Accounting- I
DBLS01 Foundations of Library and Library ManagementB.Sc., Maths I Yr EM Full Book
DBLS02 Library Classification Theory
DBLS03 Library Cataloguing Theory
DBLS04 Information Sources and Services
DBLS05 Basics of Information Technology
DBLS11 Library Classification Practice
DBLS12 Library Cataloguing Practice
M.ComM.Sc Botany I year
DCM24 Adv Cost and Mang. AccM.Sc, Botany I Yr 1
DCM25 Advanced fin AccM.Sc, Botany I Yr 2
M.Com, Income Tax (TM)M.Sc, Botany I Yr 3
M.Com, Taxation (EM)M.Sc, Botany I Yr 4
M.Sc Mathamatics I yearM.Sc Mathamatics II year
M.Sc, Maths DM01M.Sc. Maths DM21 Topology A
M.Sc, Maths DM02M.Sc. Maths DM21 Topology B
M.Sc, Maths DM03M.Sc. Maths DM22
M.Sc, Maths DM04M.Sc. Maths DM23
M.Sc. Maths DM24
M.Sc Zoology I yearM.Sc. Comp
M.Sc, Zoology I Yr I DZOO011r_Computer Organization
M.Sc, Zoology I Yr II DZOO021yr_Oject Orieted Programming
M.Sc, Zoology I Yr III DZOO031yr_Theory of Automata and Formal Languages
M.Sc, Zoology I Yr IV DZOO04
M.Sc, Zoology I Yr Practical
M.Sc. Zoology DZOO03
MA EconomicsMA English
MA Eco I Micro Eco expect L-6DEG01History of English Language
MA Eco I Yr P-V Q MethodsDEG02 Shakespeare
MA Eco II P-4 Quantitative AnalysisDEG03 Modern Literature - I
DEG04 Modern Literature II
DEG05 Modern Lit III
DEG21 Literary Criticism
DEG22 American Literature
DEG23 Indian English Literature
DEG24 20th Cen Poetry and Drama
DEG25 20th Century Prose adn Fiction
DHIND01 hindi sahitya ka ethihasDJ01 Introduction to Communication
DHIND04DJ02 Reporting and Editing
DHIND05DJ03 Public Relations and Advertising
DHIND21DJ04 Radio and Television Production
DHIND22DJ05 Media Laws and Ethics
DHIND25 Sevasadan
M.A. Hindi I year Paper-II
M.A. Hindi I year Paper-III A
M.A. Hindi I year Paper-III B
MA Political Science II yearMA Social Work 1 year
M.A. Politics II ye Pa. I onlineM.A Social Work P-I DSW01
M.A. Politics II ye Pa. IM.A Social Work P-II DSW02
M.A. Politics II ye Pa. IIM.A Social Work P-III DSW03
M.A. Politics II ye Pa. IIIM.A Social Work P-V DSW05
M.A. Politics II ye Pa. IVMA SW P-IV DSW04
M.A. Politics II ye Pa. V
MA Social Work 2 yearMA Sociology
DSW21 Working with familiesII yr P-3 Social Dem
DSW22 Social Policy and AdmnII yr P-4 Med Soc
DSW23 Community DevelopmentII Yr P-5 Social Disorg and Criminology
DSW24 Correctional Social WorkMA Soc P-III Soc Rea
Rur & Urb II Yr P-I
MA Tel I II YearMA Tel I and II Year
DT02 MA Tel I P-II Introduction to General LinguisitcsDT02 MA Tel I P-II Introduction to General Linguisitcs
DT03 MA Tel I P-III Outlines of Telugu Literature lessons 8-13 pendingDT03 MA Tel I P-III Outlines of Telugu Literature lessons 8-13 pending
DT04 MA Tel I P-IV Study of Telugu Grammar, Prosody and PoeticsDT04 MA Tel I P-IV Study of Telugu Grammar, Prosody and Poetics
DT21 MA Tel II P-I Literary Criticism Lessons 1,3,5,7,8,12,15 pendingDT21 MA Tel II P-I Literary Criticism Lessons 1,3,5,7,8,12,15 pending
DT22 MA Tel II P-II Dravidian Philology & Evolution of Telugu languageDT22 MA Tel II P-II Dravidian Philology & Evolution of Telugu language
DT23 MA Tel II P-III SreenadhaDT23 MA Tel II P-III Sreenadha
DT24 MA Tel II P-IV SanskritDT24 MA Tel II P-IV Sanskrit
DT25 MA Tel II P-V Women Studies in Telugu LiteratureDT25 MA Tel II P-V Women Studies in Telugu Literature
M.A. Tel. Iyr. P.V Online DT05
MA Tal I Yr P1 prescribed Text Online DT01
DBUS05 DEMB5 Quan Tech for Man DecAcademic Libraries
DCM02 Business EnvironmentDigital Libraries
DCM03 DBM04 DBUS23 (NR) DCM03 Marketing ManagementDMLS01 P-I Information Communication
DEMBA2 CRMDMLS02 Informatin Managemen
DFM02 DBFM02 DBUS04 DEMB4 Accounting for ManagersDMLS04
DFM05 DBFM05 DIB05 DBUS41 DEMBB3 IFMDMLS05 Library Automation
Financial markets & derivativesDMLS07 Research Metholody
Inf Mang. & Com ApplicationsDMLSC03 Information Process and Retrieval
International BusinessMLISC - pp - 4 - information technology
Labour Legislationa and IRPAPER-5-MLISC
Management of Information SystemsPractical manual
MBA Business Env Final
MBA Business Pol Strategic Mang.
MBA Manageral Economics
MBA Operations Management
principles and practice of life insurance new book - full
Rural Marketing
Perspectives of Management
MSc ChemistryMSc. F NS
M.Sc., Che I year Organic ChemistryDFN01 Nutritional Biochemistry Practical
M.Sc., Che I Year Paper - II Inorganic ChemistryDFN02 Functional Foods Practical
M.Sc., Che Prac I Year Organic, Physical
M.Sc., Che Pre Inorganic practical manual final
MSc., MicrobiologyMSc., Physics
DMBL01 Microbes and Microbiological MethodsDPHY01 Mathematical Physics
DMBL02 Microbial PhysiologyDPHY03 Quantum Mechanics
M.Sc., MA I Year Microbial Psysiology and Biochemistry L 5,9,11,13 missingDPHY04 Electronics
M.Sc., MB I Year P-I L-6 missingDPHY21 Electromagnetic Theory
M.Sc., Microbiology I Year Microbiological Methods L 5,9 missingDPHY22 Nuclear Physics, Mol Resonance Spectroscopy
DPHY23 Solid State Physics I
DPHY24 Solid State Physics II
DPHYL01 General
DPHYL02 Electronics
DPHYL21,22 Electronics and Solid State Physics
M.Sc Phy, I Yr, P-II Clas Mech.