ANU-CDE UG / PG Year-wise Study Material


ANU-CDE UG Year-wise Study Material

B.A I Year​

DBCA11 Computer Applications-I:Computer Fundamentals
DECO1 Economics-I: Economic Theory
DHIS1 History -I: Indian History and Culture
DPAD1 Public Administration-I: Concepts and Theories
DPOL1 Political Science-I: Concepts, Theories & Instit.
DSENG11 Special English Paper - I
DSOC1 Sociology-I: Principles of Sociology
DSTEL11 Special Telugu-I: Modern Language
DENG1 English Paper - I
DHIN1(NR) Hindi Paper - I (NR)
DSAN1(NR) Sanskrit Paper - I (NR)
DTEL1 Telugu Paper - I
DBMAT11/DSMAT11 Mathematics-I:Dif. Equ.,Abs. Alg. & Vec. Calculus
DBSTT11/DSSTT11 Statistics-I: Probability and Distribution

B.A II Year​

DBSTT21/DSSTT21 Statistics-II:Statistical Methods and Inferences
DICS21 Science & Civilization
DENG21 English Paper - II
DHIN21(NR) (ii) Hindi Paper - II (NR)
DSAN21(NR) (ii) Sanskrit Paper - II (NR)
DTEL21 (ii) Telugu Paper - II
DBCA21 Computer Applications-II:Computer Based Document.
DECO21 Economics-II:Deve. economics&Issues in Indian Eco.
DHIS21 History-II:Indian History& Cul. from 1526-1964 AD
DPAD21 Public Administration-II: Indian Administration
DPOL21 Political Science-II: Indian Govt. of Politics
DSENG21 Special English Paper - II
DSOC21(IS) Sociology - II:Indian Society
DSTEL21 Special Telugu - II: Sahitya Charitra Natakamu

B.A III Year​

DAECO31 Economics - III(E) - Economic Statistics
DAECO32 Economics - III(E) - Public Economics
DAECO33 Economics - IV - Rural Development
DAHIS31 History-III:History of Modern Europe(1789-1960AD)
DAHIS32 History - IV(E):History of Modern Andhra
DAHIS33 History - IV(E):History of USA(1776-1945AD)
DAHIS34 History-IV(E):Indian Arch. with referece to Andhra
DAPOL31 Political Science - III Political Thought
DAPOL32 PS-IV(E)-Government and Politics of Andhra Pradesh
DAPOL33 PS-IV(E) - International Relations
DAPOL34 PS-IV(E)-Public Administration Concepts & Theories
DAPUB31 Public Administration-III:Management of Resources
DAPUB32 PA-IV:(E)Political Science Concepts Theories&Inst.
DAPUB33 PA-IV:(E) Public Enterprises in India
DASOC31 Sociology -III Social Change & Planning
DASOC32 Sociology - IV (Ele) - Rural & Urban Sociology
DASOC33 Sociology - IV (Ele) - Social Demography
DBC40 Computer Applications-III: Report Generator
DBC41 Computer Applications-IV: Data Base Applications
DBSTT31 Statistics-III: Applied Statistics
DBSTT32 Statistics-IV:Ope. Res.,Comp. Progra.&Nume. Analy.
DSENG31 English-III: Drama and Fiction
DSENG32 English - IV : Language and Literature
DSTEL31 Telugu-III : Grammar and History
DSTEL32 Telugu-IV : Literary Criticism
DICS31 Science & Civilization
DBMAT31/DSMAT31 Mathematics-III: Ring and Linear Algebra
DBMAT32/DSMAT32 Mathematics-IV: Numerical Analysis
DBSTT31/DSSTT31 Statistics-III: Applied Statistics
DBSTT32/DSSTT32 Statistics-IV:Ope. Res.,Comp. Progra.&Nume. Analy.

B.B.M. I Year​

DBBM11 Business Mathematics
DBBS11 Behavioral Sciences
DBFA11 Financial Accounting
DBME11 Micro Economics
DBPM11 Principles of Management
DENG1 English Paper - I
DHIN1(NR) Hindi Paper - I (NR)
DSAN1(NR) Sanskrit Paper - I (NR)
DTEL1 Telugu Paper - I

B.B.M. II Year​

DENG21 English Paper - II
DHIN21(NR) (ii) Hindi Paper - II (NR)
DSAN21(NR) (ii) Sanskrit Paper - II (NR)
DTEL21 (ii) Telugu Paper - II
DBBF21 Basic Business Finance
DBBS21 Business Statistics
DBFM21 Fundamentals of Marketing
DBME21 Macro Economics
DBPPM21 Principle of Personal Management

B.B.M. III Year​

DBBC31 Business Communication
DBBL31 Business Law
DBCM31 Cost and Management Accounting
DBEP31 Enterpreneurship
DBFIT31 Fundamentals of IT
DBPDM31 Promotion and Distribution Management
DBSM31 Sales Management

B.Com I Year​

DBCO12 Financial Accounting - I
DBCO13 Industrial Organisation & Management
DBCO14 Quantitative Techniques - I
DBCO15 Computer Application(Comp. Fundamentals) Paper -I
DENG1 English Paper - I
DHIN1(NR) Hindi Paper - I (NR)
DSAN1(NR) Sanskrit Paper - I (NR)
DTEL1 Telugu Paper - I

B.Com II Year​

DENG21 English Paper - II
DHIN21(NR) (ii) Hindi Paper - II (NR)
DSAN21(NR) (ii) Sanskrit Paper - II (NR)
DTEL21 (ii) Telugu Paper - II
DICS21 Science & Civilization
DBC21 Banking and Financial Systems
DBC22 Financial Accounting - II
DBC23 Quantitative Techniques - II
DBC24 Fundamentals of Computers
DBC25 Computer Application-II:Computer Based Document.

B.Com III Year​

DBC31 Business Laws
DBC32 Income Tax and Practical Auditing
DBC33 Cost and Management Accounting
DBC34 Business Correspondence and Report Writing
DBC35 Business Data Processing Systems
DBC36 Corporate Accounting
DBC37 Advanced Management Accounting
DBC38 Report Generator
DBC39 Database Application
DICS31 Science & Civilization

B.H.M. I Year​

DENG1 English Paper - I
DHIN1(NR) Hindi Paper - I (NR)
DSAN1(NR) Sanskrit Paper - I (NR)
DTEL1 Telugu Paper - I
DBHM01 Basic Culinary Preparation
DBHM02 Basic Food & Beverage Servcie
DBHM03 Nutrition & Food Service
DBHM04 Front Office Procedure

B.H.M. II Year​

DBHM21 Quantity & Advanced Culinary Preparation
DBHM22 Specialized Food & Beverage Service
DBHM23 Hotel Law & HRM
DBHM24 Accounting & Finance for Hotel Management
DENG21 English Paper - II
DHIN21(NR) (ii) Hindi Paper - II (NR)
DSAN21(NR) (ii) Sanskrit Paper - II (NR)
DTEL21 (ii) Telugu Paper - II

B.H.M. III Year​

DBHM31 Food & Beverage Management
DBHM32 Accommodation Operations
DBHM33 Housekeeping Management
DBHM34 Information Technology for Hotel Management
DBHM35 Communication & Soft Skills
DBHM36 Hotel Engineering & Maintenance

B.L.I.Sc I Year​

DBLS01 Foundations of Library and Library Management
DBLS02 Library Classification Theory
DBLS03 Library Cataloguing theory
DBLS04 Information sources & services
DBLS05 Basics of information technology

B.Sc. I Year​

DSBOT11 Botany-I: Diversity of Microbes and Cryptogams
DSCFT02 Textile Science
DSCFT03 Garment Construction-I
DSCFT05 Apparel Finishing & Clothing Care
DSCFT06 Computer Studies
DSCHE11 Chemistry - I
DSCO11 Computer Organization (IT)
DSCSC11 Computer Science-I: PC Software & Programming in C
DSDM11 Discrete Mathematics (IT)
DSDS11 Data Structures (IT)
DSEL11 Electronics-I:Linear Components & Circuit Analysis
DSPHY11 Physics-I: Mechanics, Waves & Oscillations
DSPL11 Programming Using C Language (IT)
DSZOO11 Zoology-I:Biology of Invertebrate and Cell Bioloy
DENG1 English Paper - I
DHIN1(NR) Hindi Paper - I (NR)
DSAN1(NR) Sanskrit Paper - I (NR)
DTEL1 Telugu Paper - I

B.Sc. II Year​

DENG21 English Paper - II
DHIN21(NR) (ii) Hindi Paper - II (NR)
DSAN21(NR) (ii) Sanskrit Paper - II (NR)
DTEL21 (ii) Telugu Paper - II
DICS21 Science & Civilization
DSBOT21 Botany-II:Gymnsperms, Plant Anatomy, Ecology&Biot.
DSCFT21 Fashion Designing
DSCFT23 Textile Dyeing and Printing
DSCFT24 Garment Construction
DSCFT27 Management and Enterpreneurship
DSCHE21 Chemistry-II
DSCSC21 Computer Science-II:progra. with C++ & Data Struc.
DSDMS21 Data Base Management System -II (IT)
DSEL21 Electronic Paper-II: Electronic Devices & Circuits
DSIM21 Internet & Multimedia (IT)
DBMAT21/DSMAT21 Mathematics-II:Solid Geometry & Real Analysis
DSMIS21 Management of Information Systems (IT)
DSOS21 Operating System (IT)
DSPHY21 Physics-II:Thermodynamics and Optics
DBSTT21/DSSTT21 Statistics-II:Statistical Methods and Inferences
DSZOO21 Zoology-II:Biology of Chordates, Genetics

B.Sc. III Year​

DSBC31 Basics of e-Commerce (IT)
DSBOT31 Botany-III:Taxonomy,Uti. of Plants,Palyno.&Embryo.
DSBOT32 Botany-IV:plant Physiology,Cell Biology & Genetics
DSCCN31 Computer Communications & Networks (IT)
DSCFT31 Study of Apparel Industry
DSCFT32 Apparel Marketing and Merchandising
DSCFT33 Costumes and Apparel Design
DSCFT34 Apparel Accessories and Surface Ornamentation
DSCFT35 International Trade and Documentation
DSCHE31 Chemistry-III:Inorganic, Organic & Phy. Chemistry
DSCHE32 Chemistry-IV: Drugs and Polymer Chemistry
DSCSC31 Computer Science-III: Modern Database Management
DSCSC32 Computer Science-IV: Visual Programming
DSDW31 Data Warehousing (IT)
DSEL31 Electronics-III:Solid State Ele. Circu.&Digi.Elec.
DSEL32 Electronics-IV: Microprocessor
DBMAT31/DSMAT31 Mathematics-III: Ring and Linear Algebra
DBMAT32/DSMAT32 Mathematics-IV: Numerical Analysis
DSPHY31 Physics-III: Electricity, Magnetism & Electronics
DSPHY32 Physics-IV: Modern Physics
DSSE31 Software Engineering (IT)
DBSTT31/DSSTT31 Statistics-III: Applied Statistics
DBSTT32/DSSTT32 Statistics-IV:Ope. Res.,Comp. Progra.&Nume. Analy.
DSVP31 Visual Programming (IT)
DSZOO31 Zoology-III:Animal Physio., Ecology&Animal Behavi.
DSZOO32 Zoology-IV: Aquaculture
DICS31 Science & Civilization

LL.M. I Year​

D1231LL/CL/TCL/CSL Research Methodology
D1233CL Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles.
D1233CSL General Principles of Company Law - I.
D1233LL Dispute resolutions in Labour Management relations
D1233TCL General Theory and Principles of Tort Liability-I.
D1234CL Centre and State Relations.
D1234CSL Company Management.
D1234LL Trade Union Law.
D1234TCL Law of Crimes.
D1235CL Administrative Process-Nature and Scope.
D1235CSL General Principles of Company Law - II.
D1235LL Industrial Discipline and Punishment Process.
D1235TCL General Theory and Principles of Tort Liability-II
D1236CL Administrative Process and Judicial Control.
D1236CSL Administration of Company Law.
D1236LL Collective Bargaining.
D1236TCL Criminal Procedure Code.
D1237LL/CL/TCL/CSL Jurisprudence.

LL.M. II Year​

D1251CL Protection & Enforcement of Human Rights in India
D1251CSL Corporate Regulations
D1251LL Social Security Law.
D1251TCL Law of Negligence and Damages.
D1252CL Public Authorities: Liability.
D1252CSL Securities Law & Investor Protection
D1252LL Wages and Minimum Labour Standards
D1252TCL Criminology and Penology.

ANU-CDE PG Year-wise Study Material

M.A.(Economics) I Year​

DEC01 Micro Economics
DEC02 Macro Economics
DEC03 Government Finance
DEC04 Evolution of Economic Doctrines
DEC05 Quantitative Methods

M.A.(Economics) II Year​

DEC21 Theory of Economics Development and Plannfing
DEC22 Indian Economy
DEC23 International Economics
DEC24 Quantitative Analysis & Computer Applications
DEC25 Industrial Economics (OPTIONAL A)
DEC26 Labour Economics (OPTIONAL A)
DEC27 Agricultural Economics & Farm Management(OPT-B)
DEC28 Rural Development: Planning & Management(OPT-B)

M.A.(English) I Year​

DEG01 History of the English Language
DEG02 Shakespeare
DEG03 Modern Literature - I (1550-1700)
DEG04 Modern Literature - II (1700 - 1850) 2
DEG05 Modern Literature - III (1850 - 1950)

M.A.(English) II Year​

DEG21 Literary Criticism
DEG22 American Literature
DEG23 Indian English Literature
DEG24 Twentieth Century - Poetry and Drama
DEG25 Twentieth Century - Prose and Fiction

M.A.(History) I Year​

DH01 History of India Up to 1206 A.D.
DH02 History of Andhras up to 1336 A.D.
DH03 History of South India (1336-1765 A.D.)
DH04 History of Modern Europe(1789-1919)
DH05 History of U.S.A(1776 to 1945)

M.A.(History) II Year​

DH21 History of India (1526 to 1761 A.D.)
DH22 Social&Economic History of Modern India(1757-1947)
DH23 Historical method with spl. ref. to Indian History
DH24 History of Contemporary World Since 1919
DH25 History of Modern Andhra (1765 to 1956)

M.A.(J.M.C.) I Year​

DJ01 Intro. to communication & History of Journalism
DJ02 Reporting and Editing
DJ03 Public relations and Advertising
DJ04 Radio and Television production
DJ05 Media Law and Ethics

M.A.(J.M.C.) II Year​

DJ21 Research Methodology
DJ22 Communication Theory
DJ23 Development Communication
DJ24 International Communication

M.A.(Political Science) I Year​

DPS01 Political Thought
DPS02 Administrative Theory
DPS03 Public Policy
DPS04 Indian Government and Politics

M.A.(Political Science) II Year​

DPS21 Comparative Politics
DPS22 International Relations
DPS23 Research Methods and Statistics
DPS24 Social and Political Thought in India
DPS25 Modern Political Theory and Analysis

M.A.(Social Work) I Year​

DSW01 Social work: History and Ideology
DSW02 Man and Society
DSW03 Working with individuals and groups
DSW04 Working with Communities and Society
DSW05 Social work Research

M.A.(Social Work) II Year​

DSW21 Working with Families
DSW22 Social Policy and Administration
DSW23 Community Development
DSW24 Correctional Social Work

M.A.(Sociology) I Year​

DSOC01 Sociological Analysis
DSOC02 Social Thought and Sociological Perspectives
DSOC03 Social Research and Statistics
DSOC04 Indian Society: Structure and Change

M.A.(Sociology) II Year​

DSOC21(RUS) Rural and Urban Sociology
DSOC22 Industrial Sociology and Labour Welfare
DSOC23 Social Demography and Family Welfare
DSOC24 Medical Sociology
DSOC25 Social Disorganisation and Criminology

M.A.(Telugu) I Year​

DT01 Prescribed Text
DT02 Introduction to General Linguistics
DT03 Outlines of Telugu Literature
DT04 Study of Telugu Grammar, Prosody and Poetics
DT05 Modern Trends in Telugu Poetry

M.A.(Telugu) II Year​

DT21 Literary Criticism and theory of Literature
DT22 Dravidian Philology & Evolution of Telugu Languges
DT23 Special Study: Sreenadha
DT24 Sanskrit
DT25 Women Studies in Telugu Literature

M.B.A(2 Years) I Year​

DEMB1 Perspective of Management
DEMB10 Human Resource Management
DEMB2 Business Environment
DEMB3 Managerial Economics
DEMB4 Accounting for Managers
DEMB5 Quantitative Techniques for Managerial Decisions
DEMB6 Information Management and Computer Applications
DEMB7 Financial Management
DEMB8 Operations Management
DEMB9 Marketing Management

M.B.A(2 Years) II Year​

DEMB11 Business Policy & Strategic Management
DEMB12 International Business
DEMB13 Management Information Systems
DEMBA1 Sales & Advertising Management
DEMBA2 Services Marketing & CRM
DEMBA3 Rural & Retail Marketing
DEMBA4 Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Research
DEMBB1 Security Analysis & Portfolio Management
DEMBB2 Financial Markets & Derivatives
DEMBB3 International Financial Management
DEMBB4 Management of Financial Services
DEMBB5 Project Management
DEMBC1 Human Resource Planning & Development
DEMBC2 Organisation Dynamics & Change Management
DEMBC3 Labour Legislation & IR
DEMBC4 Organisational Behaviour
DEMBC5 Employee Compensation Management
DEMBE1 Theory & Practice of Banking in India
DEMBE2 Management of Financial Service
DEMBE4 Principles & Practice of Life & General Insurance
DEMBE5 Insurance Law

M.B.A.(3 Years) I Year​

DBUS01(NR) Perspectives of Management
DBUS02 Business Environment
DBUS03 Managerial Economics
DBUS04 Accounting for Managers
DBUS05 Quantitative Techniques for Managerial Decisions
DBUS06 Information Management and Computer Applications

M.B.A.(3 Years) II Year​

DBUS21 Financial Management
DBUS22 Operations Management
DBUS23 Marketing Management
DBUS24 Human Resource Management
DBUS25 Research Methodology for Management Decisions
DBUS26 Business Policy and Strategic Management
DBUS27 Management of Information Systems

M.B.A.(3 Years) III Year​

DBUS31 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
DBUS32 Management of Financial Services
DBUS33 Project Management
DBUS34 Sales and Advertising Management
DBUS35 Marketing of Services
DBUS36 Rural Marketing
DBUS37 Human Resource Planning & Development
DBUS38 Managing Change in Organisations
DBUS39 Organisational Dynamics
DBUS40 International Business
DBUS41 International Financial Management
DBUS42 International Marketing

M.C.A. I Year​

DMCA101 Information Technology
DMCA102 Programming with C++
DMCA103 Computer Organization
DMCA104 Data Structures
DMCA105 Operating Systems
DMCA106 Data Base Management Systems
DMCA107 Accounts & Finance
DMCA108 Discrete Mathematics

M.C.A. II Year​

DMCA201 Software Engineering
DMCA203 Computer Networking
DMCA204 Computer Algorithms
DMCA205 Distributed Operating Systems
DMCA206 Computer Graphics
DMCA207 e-Commerce
DMCA208 Probability & Statistics

M.C.A. III Year​

DMCA301 Artificial Intelligence
DMCA302 Cryptography and Network Security
DMCA303 Embedded Systems
DMCA304 Data Mining Techniques
DMCA305 Systems Auditing

M.Com I Year​

DCM01 Perspectives of Management(RR)
DCM02 Business Environment
DCM03 Marketing Management
DCM04(NR) Financial Management(NR)
DCM05 Human Resource Management

M.Com II Year​

DCM21 International Business
DCM22 Management of Information Systems
DCM23 Accounting: Advanced Financial Accounting
DCM24 Accounting:Advanced cost and Management Accounting
DCM25 Accounting: Taxation
DCM26 Banking: Commercial Banking
DCM27 Banking: Central Banking and Development Banking
DCM28 Banking:Finance of Foreign Trade & Inter. Banking

M.H.R.M. I Year​

DMHR01 Perspectives of Management
DMHR02 Human Resource Management
DMHR03 Labour welfare and social Security
DMHR04 Organisational behaviour
DMHR05 Employee Compensation Management

M.H.R.M. II Year​

DMHR21 Human Resource Development, Strategies & Systems
DMHR22 Industrial Relations Management
DMHR23 Labour Legislation & Case Law
DMHR24 Change Management and Organisational Development

M.L.I.Sc I Year​

DMLS01(NR) Information Communication
DMLS02(NR) Information Management
DMLS03(NR) Information Processing Retrieval (Theory)
DMLS04(NR) Information Technology
DMLS05(NR) Library Automation
DMLS06(NR) Research Methodology
DMLS07(NR) Academic Libraries
DMLS08(NR) Digital Libraries

M.Sc(Botany) I Year​

DBOT01 Bio.&Div. of Algae,Bryophytes,Pteridophytes&Gymno.
DBOT02 Systematics of Angiosperms and plant Ecology
DBOT03 Cytology, Genetics and Plant Breeding
DBOT04 Plant Physiology and Metabolism

M.Sc(Botany) II Year​

DBOT21 Development Biology of Angiosperms & Elthanobotany
DBOT22 Microbiology, Mycology and Plant Diseases
DBOT23 Cell Biology and Molecular Biology
DBOT24 Plant Biotechnology

M.Sc(Chemistry) I Year​

DCHE01 General Chemistry
DCHE02 Inorganic Chemistry
DCHE03 Organic Chemistry
DCHE04 Physical Chemistry

M.Sc(Chemistry) II Year​

DCHE21 Analytical Chemistry
DCHE22 Inorganic Chemistry
DCHE23 Organic Chemistry
DCHE24 Environmental Chemistry

M.Sc(Computers) I Year​

DMCS01 Data Structures
DMCS02 Object Oriented Programming
DMCS03 Computer Organization
DMCS04 Discrete Mathematical Structures
DMCS05 Software Engineering
DMCS06 Distributed Operating Systems
DMCS07 Database Management Systems
DMCS08 Theory of Automata and Formal Language
DMCS09 Computer Networks
DMCS10 Design & Analysis of Algorithms

M.Sc(Computers) II Year​

DMCS21 User Interface Design
DMCS22 Computer Graphics
DMCS23 Object Oriented Analysis & Design
DMCS24A Advanced Computer Architecture
DMCS24B Microprocessor & Applications
DMCS25A Cryptography & Network Security
DMCS26 Data Ware Housing & Data Mining
DMCS27A Embedded Systems
DMCS27B Image Processing
DMCS28A Artifical Intellegence
DMCS28B Compiler Design

M.Sc(Information Technology) I Year​

DMSIT01 Basics of IT
DMSIT02 Computer Networks
DMSIT03 Computer Organisation
DMSIT04 Data Structure with C
DMSIT05 Operating Systems
DMSIT06 DBMS (Data Base Management System)

M.Sc(Information Technology) II Year​

DMSIT21 Software Engineering
DMSIT22 Programming with C++
DMSIT24 Data Mining and Techniques
DMSIT25 Cryptography & Network Security
DMSIT26 Artifical Intelligence

M.Sc(Maths) I Year​

DM01 Algebra
DM02 Analysis
DM03 Complex Analysis &Spe. Functions&Partial Dif. Equ.
DM04 Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations

M.Sc(Maths) II Year​

DM21 Topology and Functional Analysis
DM22 Measure and Integration
DM23 Analytical Number Theory and Graph Theory
DM24 Rings and Modules

M.Sc(Microbiology) I Year​

DMB01 Introduction Microorganisms
DMB02 Mircobiological Methods
DMB03 Microbial Psysiology and Biochemistry
DMB04 Environmental and Agricultural Microbiology

M.Sc(Microbiology) II Year​

DMB21 Medical Microbiology
DMB22 Immunology and Cellular Microbiology
DMB23 Microbial Genetics and Molecular Biology
DMB24 Food & Industrial Microbiology

M.Sc(Physics) I Year​

DPHY01 Mathematical Physics
DPHY02 Classical Mechanics and Statistical Mechanics
DPHY03 Quantum Mechanics
DPHY04 Electronics

M.Sc(Physics) II Year​

DPHY21 Electromagnetic Theory and Modern Optics
DPHY22 Nuclear Physics, Molecular & Resonance Spectrosopy
DPHY23 Solid State Physics I
DPHY24 Solid State Physics II

M.Sc(Psychology) I Year​

DPSY01 General Psychology
DPSY02 Development Psychology
DPSY03 Personality
DPSY04 Social Psychology

M.Sc(Psychology) II Year​

DPSY21 Psychopathology
DPSY22 Research Methodology
DPSY23 Counselling
DPSY24 Organisational Psychology

M.Sc(Statistics) I Year​

DMSTT01 Probability and Distribution Theory
DMSTT02 Statistical Inference
DMSTT03 Sampling Theory
DMSTT04 Design of Experiments

M.Sc(Statistics) II Year​

DMSTT21 Statistical Quality Control
DMSTT22 Operations Research
DMSTT23 Econometrics
DMSTT24 Multivariate Analysis

M.Sc(Zoology) I Year​

DZOO01 Systematics and Anatomy of Invertebrates
DZOO02 Systematics & Anatomy of Chordates &Gamete Biology
DZOO03 Cell Biology, Genetics and Evolution
DZOO04 Animal Ecology and Wildlife

M.Sc(Zoology) II Year​

DZOO21 Animal Physiology
DZOO22 Aquaculture
DZOO23 Parasitology and Immunology
DZOO24 Biotechnology


DHIND01 History of Hindi Literature
DHIND02 Theory of Indian and Western Literature
DHIND03 Old and Medieval Poetry
DHIND04 Hindi Prose - Drama, Novel, Stories and Essay
DHIND05 Modern Poetry


DHIND21 Linquistics and History of Hindi Language
DHIND22 Official Language: Hindi and Hindi Translation
DHIND23 Indian Literature
DHIND24 Comparative Literature & Universal Language:Hindi
DHIND25 Special Study of an Author

MSC(Food and Nutritional Sciences) I Year​

DFN01 Fundamentals of Food and Nutrition
DFN02 Nutritional Biochemistry
DFN03 Functional Foods
DFN04 Institutional Foods Service Management

MSC(Food and Nutritional Sciences) II Year​

DFN21A Nutrtion through Life Cycle
DFN21B Food Chemistry & Chemical Analysis of Foods
DFN22A Nutritional Assesment Techniques
DFN22B Experimental Foods
DFN23A Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics
DFN23B Food Microbiology and Toxicology
DFN24A Diet Therapy and Counseling
DFN24B Food Safety and Quality Assurance

PG.Diploma(BFM) I Year​

DBFM04 Theory and Practice of Banking in India
DFM02/DBFM02 Accounting for Managers
DFM03/DBFM03 Management of Financial Services
DFM05/DIB05/DBFM05 International Financial Management
DHHM/DBM/DMM/DHRM/DFM/DIB/DIM/DBFM01 Perspectives of Management

PG.Diploma(BM) I Year​

DBM03 Financial Management
DBM05 Managerial Economics
DBM02/DHRM02 Human Resource Management
DBM04/DMM04 Marketing Management
DHHM/DBM/DMM/DHRM/DFM/DIB/DIM/DBFM01 Perspectives of Management

PG.Diploma(MM) I Year​

DBM04/DMM04 Marketing Management
DHHM/DBM/DMM/DHRM/DFM/DIB/DIM/DBFM01 Perspectives of Management
DMM02/DIB02 International Marketing

PG.Diploma(DCA) I Year​

PGDCA01 Information Technology
PGDCA02 Programming with C++
PGDCA03 Computer Organisation
PGDCA04 Data Structures
PGDCA05 Operating Systems
PGDCA06 Data Base Management Systems
PGDCA07 Accounts & Finance
PGDCA08 Computer Graphics

PG.Diploma(FM) I Year​

DBFM04 Theory and Practice of Banking in India
DFM04 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management
DFM02/DBFM02 Accounting for Managers
DFM03/DBFM03 Management of Financial Services
DFM05/DIB05/DBFM05 International Financial Management
DHHM/DBM/DMM/DHRM/DFM/DIB/DIM/DBFM01 Perspectives of Management

PG.Diploma(HHM) I Year​

DHHM02 Management of Health Systems
DHHM03 Medical terminology, records and insurance
DHHM04 Diagnostic, Support and Utility services
DHHM05 Hospital accounting and Hospital laws
DHHM/DBM/DMM/DHRM/DFM/DIB/DIM/DBFM01 Perspectives of Management

PG.Diploma(IM) I Year​

DHHM/DBM/DMM/DHRM/DFM/DIB/DIM/DBFM01 Perspectives of Management

PG.Diploma(HM) I Year​

PGDHM01 Food & Beverage Production
PGDHM02 Housekeeping Management
PGDHM03 Front Office Managment
PGDHM04 Nutrition & Food Hygiene
PGDHM05 Kitchen Operations Management
PGDHM06 IT for Hostel Industry

PG.Diploma(HRM) I Year​

DBM02/DHRM02 Human Resource Management
DHHM/DBM/DMM/DHRM/DFM/DIB/DIM/DBFM01 Perspectives of Management
DHRM03 Labour Welfare and Social Security
DHRM04 Organisational behaviour
DHRM05 Employee Compensation Management

PG.Diploma(IB) I Year​

DFM05/DIB05/DBFM05 International Financial Management
DHHM/DBM/DMM/DHRM/DFM/DIB/DIM/DBFM01 Perspectives of Management
DIB03 Foreign Exchange Management
DIB04 International Business
DMM02/DIB02 International Marketing

PG.Diploma(TTM) I Year​

DTTM01 Principles of Tourism
DTTM02 Communication skills
DTTM03 Travel Agency Management
DTTM05 Computer applications in Tourism&Travel Management