ANU-CDE SMP Proceedings - November 2021 Examinations


ANU-CDE The Vice-Chancellor has approved the Minutes of the meeting of the Malpractice Enquiry Committee held on 30.05.2022 in the chamber of Co-ordinator (Exams) CDE. ANU to examine the case listed in this office letter No. ANU UG PG/SMP/2022 Date 24.05.2022. The Malpractice Enquiry Committee has examined the SMP cases and recommended the following, punishments to the candidates who were involved in various malpractices in the examinations held in November. 2021

Their results in all other papers be declared and they be permitted to appear for university C.D.E. Examinations to be held in June, 2022 onwards.

ANU-CDE SMP Proceedings - November 2021 Examinations
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