Anna University COVID19 - Extension of leave until 17.05.2020 Notification


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Anna University As per the reference 15, cited, the Government of Tamil Nadu have announced that all educational institutions shall remain closed until 31.03.2020. Based on the circular issued by the Govt: of Tamil Nadu as cited in reference (5), the closure of all educational institutions have been extended until 17.05.2020.

During this period, all faculty members and teaching fellows are encouraged to provide all online courses / tutorials to all the course students and explore other avenues including WhatsApp to send notes etc. to help the students to engage them with their studies during their stay at home. Research Scholars also can work from home. Further, wherever possible project guidance could be provide to students through on online mode / WhatsApp /e-mail / Mobile phone etc.
However, technical & non-technical administrative staff members are requested to be available for any clarifications or any urgent University related work if required and to attend to any immediate administrative work related to University.

During your stay at home you are requested to follow all the Safe Health guidelines (use of mask and social distancing and frequent use of sanitizer) related to containment of Corona Virus and strictly avoid participating in the public functions / meetings and avoid gathering of more than four people.

Anna University COVID19 - Extension of leave until 17.05.2020 Notification


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