ts ssc exam postponed

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    TS SSC exams June 2020 Postponed - TS SSC exam 2020 Latest News

    TS 10th Class Exams are cancelled - All Students of TS SSC are promoted https://www.forum.universityupdates.in/threads/ts-10th-class-exams-are-cancelled-all-students-of-ts-ssc-are-promoted.21072/ TS SSC exam 2020 has been postponed for the all the students across the state. Announcement...
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    TS SSC Exams Scheduled From 23rd March 2020 Are Postponed

    TS SSC exam 2020 Latest News - TS SSC exams 2020 Postponed - Dated on 6th June 2020 https://www.forum.universityupdates.in/threads/ts-ssc-exam-2020-latest-news-ts-ssc-exams-2020-postponed.21055/ Telangana 10th Class (SSC) Examinations March 2020 are postponed: Telangana High Court on Friday...