1. K

    Need certificates

    Sir we applied for Grace Mark's 2 month's ago but still didn't geting memos from jntuh, we are detained in R16 and re-admited in R18, non of us got any information about our certificates so please provide our certificates as soon as possible. Juniors taking their memos but we still struggling to...
  2. S

    Special supplementry examinations

    How the question paper will be bro in the special supplementry examinations covid pattern or regular question paper pattern
  3. R

    Instant supply exam

    Sir when b.pjarmacy 4-2 RC/RV result declare. JNTUH declare that instant supply exam conduct that exam also for b.pharmacy or not please reply
  4. S

    Tomorrow exam is postponed

    Is tomorrow jntuh exam is postponed or conducted due to educational institutions are closed tomorrow
  5. K

    jntuh Revaluation Rules & Success rate

    Sir is it Useful for applying for Revaluation especially for failed subject.Revaluation Rules & Success rate of it .
  6. K

    Applying for revaluation

    How many marks or chances that are possible in revaluation? Two subjects left in one time chance supply to get degree. Had some hope on subject WT. No hope on future exams or opportunities. M1- 6 credits, internal 8 external 17 total 25 WT- 4 credits, internal 9 external 10 total 19 these...
  7. Z

    Grace mark list for 2021

    Hello sir,when will be grace marks list released for r16 2017 Batch..? It's been too late. Sir my M2 marks were not visible in the result so how can I apply for the grace marks..?