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    JNTUH Faculty members to update their Teaching experience,Education details,Subjects taught so far

    All the faculty members of affiliated Colleges are hereby informed to update their Teaching experience, Education details (their Hall ticket/Roll number, year of passing, Board/University etc.,), Subjects taught so far and number of times each subject taught in a separate page in your faculty...
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    JNTUH Faculty Registration

    The faculty of all affiliated colleges of JNTUH should get registered through the Faculty Registration Portal and obtain a registration number. It is mandatory that all the Faculty of who wish to work in any of the Colleges Affiliated to JNTUH should Register with their details at the JNTUH...
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    JNTUH : Adhaar Based Biometric Attendance System (BAS)

    Adhaar based biometric attendance system for the staff and students of all the colleges of JNTUH (Constituent colleges and Affiliated Colleges) It is proposed to implement online Biometric Attendance System (BAS) for the faculty, staff and students of constituent and affiliated colleges under...