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    Anna University Student Online Services Portal - SOS Portal

    Anna University SOS Portal - Student Online Services (SOS) is a one stop solution and a paperless initiative to all the student needs like Duplicate Certificates (Mark Sheet / Grade Sheet, Consolidated Statement of Marks / Consolidated Statement of Grades, Degree Certificates), Transcripts, Rank...
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    Anna University : All the Exams Scheduled on 20-11-2018 Are Postponed & Rescheduled to 17-12-2018

    Anna University : Exam Scheduled on 22-11-2018 & 23-11-2018 Are Postponed Only For Thiruvarur, Nagapattinam, Pudukkottai Districts. Details @ It is informed that Theory Examinations scheduled on 20-11-2018, 19-11-2018, 17-11-2018, 16-11-2018, 15-11-2018 of...
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    Anna University : Special Arrear Examinations (August-2018) Result Published

    Special Arrear Exams (August 2018) Revaluation Result Published For Affiliated Institutions Affiliated Institutions - August 2018 Examination...
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    Anna University Schedule for payment of examination fees for Sept 2020 Exams [April/May 2020]

    Anna University NOTIFICATION REGARDING THE END-SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS SEPTEMBER 2020 The End-Semester Examinations of April/May 2020 for the students of the Terminal Semester of the Under-Graduate and Post -Graduate Programmes of the Non-autonomous Affiliated Colleges of Anna University are...