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SU : UG Circular Regarding Non-Completion of UG III & V Semester Syllabus

Discussion in 'Notifications' started by Guru, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. Guru

    Guru Moderator

    There were several representations from Students and Colleges about noncompletion of UG III & V Semester Syllabus and hence requisition was made for Postponement of UG III & V Practical Exams.

    Therefore, In view of several requisitions it is informed to all the college Principals that UG III & V Semester Practical Exams may be Conducted after Completion of Semester end examinations duly intimating the Schedule to Exam Branch.

    However these Practical Exams need to be Conducted immediately after theory exams without much disturbance to IV & VI Semester regular academic Schedule. (They make conduct during afternoon sessions).

    Further it is advised to take extra classes for early completion of pending syllabus for UG III & V Semester.

    There is no change in the FIRST SEMESTER Practical Exam Schedule.

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