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JNTUH Revision of the Instructions to the Candidates printed on the theory exam answer booklets

Discussion in 'Notifications' started by Rahul, Nov 16, 2018.

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    Theory Answer booklet
    Instructions to the candidates

    1. Check the answer booklet thoroughly if all the 32 pages are intact and the booklet is not damaged.

    2. check your particulars on part-I of OMR sheet, like, Name, Hall Ticket No., Examination, subject name, subject code and Regulation etc.,

    3. Report to the invigilator if the answer booklet is damaged or if your particulars are not correct and get the booklet replaced by blank answer booklet. Write all your details legibly on the replaced blank answer booklet and the subject code on Part-I, Part-II and Part-III, failing which, your result declaration may get delayed/not declared at all.

    4. Bringing any material other than pens (blue/black), pencils & erasers and any electronic gadgets other than scietific calculator will make you liable to be booked under malpractice case as per the Malpractice rule No. 1.

    5. Enter the answer booklet serial number and sign in the nominal rolls supplied in the examination hall.

    6. Sign in the space provided in Part-I of the booklet. Ensure that the invigilator puts his/her signature in the space provided in part-I.

    7. You are not permitted to leave the examination hall at least for half an hour after the commencement of the examination.

    8. Verify the subject name, code and regulation on the question paper with those registered and also those printed in the answer script before beginning to answer.

    9. No additional answer sheets will be provided.

    10. Do not write answers with sketch pen as it blots, making the answers unreadable and barcodes inadvertantly tampered.

    11. Write on both sides of all the pages. Do not write anything other than the question numbers in margins.

    12. Write in all 25 lines on each page. Each new answer need not start in a fresh page.

    13. Last page may be used for rough work by duly indicating on the top of the page as ‘ROUGH WORK.’

    14. Fill in the last answered page number in the space provided on the cover page OMR sheet. Strike off blank sheets after the last page written.

    15. If answers are written after leaving one or more blank sheets in between, write P.T.O on all the blank sheets to ensure evaluation of the answers written after the blank sheets.

    16. Before beginning to answer any question, write correct number of that question including sub question number. Complete the answer for any question and commence writing answer for the next question. Answers written at different places for the same question may not be evaluated.

    17. Revealing personal details, writing hall ticket numbers, religious symbols or slogans, objectionable and irrelevant matter or requests to pass etc., anywhere in the answer script will be treated as punishable offence. It leads to the cancellation of performance in the subject.

    18. For any objectionable material/writings found in the answer script during evaluation and random checking phases, you will be booked under malpractice case and the entire series of examinations will be cancelled as per the Malpractice rule No. 11.

    19. Tampering of barcodes is also treated as malpractice case.

    20. Return your answer booklet to the invigilator before leaving the examination hall.

    21. Taking away the answer booklet from the examination hall or tearing any part of the answer booklet will make cancellation of your entire series of examinations. Further you will be debarred from the class work for two consecutive semesters and will be given all punishments as per rule No. 7.

    Download Official Notification Here

    Note : The booklets with the new instructions, shall be issued to the candidates who shall appear for the University examinations commencing from November, 2018 onwards.

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