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JNTUH : Procedure to apply online for Transcripts (CMM/PC/Memos) / Migration / Medium certificates

Discussion in 'Procedures' started by Rahul, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Rahul

    Rahul Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the online student services.This service helps mainly for applicants who can apply online and to get the transcripts and some of the certificates to their door steps with very few mouse clicks. This service is enabled for users across the globe.

    Using this service the candidates can obtain transcripts for the following certificates
    • Transcripts of Marks Memos
    • Transcripts of CMM
    • Transcripts of PC
    and obtain the following certificates
    • Migration
    • Medium certificates
    The procedure for obtaining Transcripts and Migration and Medium certificates is now online. The new users of this service has to register initially using the service Register Me. The Password has to be created by the student at the time of registration. Further the candidates are informed to remember their passwords for any future correspondence or updates. The User name shall be the hall-ticket number of the candidate during the study of the course. The fee amount can be paid either by making online Payment. The user can pay through Netbanking, Master/Visa Credit/Debit cards.

    Step 1 : Visit https://studentservices.jntuh.ac.in/oss/login.html

    Step 2 : You need to register yourself for the first time. Click on "Register Me". Url to Register/Signup @ https://studentservices.jntuh.ac.in/oss/signUp.html

    Step 3 : Fill the given required details to register & Hit "Submit".

    Step 4 : The following message will be displayed. "Successfully Registered. Please Login."

    Step 5 : Now login @ https://studentservices.jntuh.ac.in/oss/login.html by using User Name(Enter your Hallticket number) & Password.

    Step 6 : You will be redirected to Dashboard, Now click on TRANSCRIPT SERVICE.

    Fee Details :
    • Each Transcript [For Each Semester] : Rs. 40/-
    • Consolidate Marks Memo : Rs. 40/-
    • Provisional Certificate : Rs. 40/-
    • Migration Certificate : Rs. 100/-
    • Medium Certificate : Rs. 100/-
    • Freight charges and other charges : Rs. 140/-

    Step 7 : Select Memos/Certificates i.e., Select the desired year/semester transcripts & Number of Sets:

    Step 8 : Enter no.of copies for Consolidate Marks Memo / Provisional Certificate / Migration Certificate / Medium Certificate [If you are in need of them]

    Step 9 : Select the mode in which you want to get the transcripts & Hit on "Submit Application".
    "By Hand" [(Can collect transcripts after receiving SMS alert)]
    "By Post" [Enter your present postal address]

    Step 10 : Details/Conformation page will be displayed, where you can view the details & other things. Verify the details & hit "Pay". Then you will be redirected to Payment gateway where you can pay the given amount through Credit Card / Debit Card / Internet Banking.

    Step 11 : After the payment is done you will be redirected back to JNTUH website, where you will get Transaction ID, Amount Paid & Transaction Status. You can even download the acknowledgement for the same in pdf format.

    Step 12 : Track Application Status after you login by giving your "Application Number".

    Note :
    • At Present B.Pharmacy , M.Tech , M.Pharmacy , M.B.A , M.C.A degree students can also use this Online service.
    • Dispatch service available within India.International dispatching will be enabled soon.
    • Please contact Help Desk phone number: 9491283135 during 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM on all working days for enquiries/queries related to Student Services Portal or send mails related to online student services(OSS) to the mail id : support.oss@jntuh.ac.in

    1. How to apply for online student service?
    Ans. Open the JNTUH website (jntuh.ac.in) and click on the online student service link at the home page. It will redirect to online student service portal. (OR) by using the url: https://studentservices.jntuh.ac.in/oss.

    2. What are the other certificates, in addition to transcript, that I can obtain using this portal service?
    Ans. You can also apply for migration and medium certificate an additional to transcripts.

    3. I have forgotten my online student service portal password. How can I get my password?
    Ans. Click on forgot password link available at the home page of online student service portal. It will ask to enter your hall ticket number, registered mobile number & email-id for verification. Once the verification is successful, you will receive your password to your registered email-id.

    4.When I tried to apply for a online service in online student service portal, I am getting a response -invalid hall ticket number or data not available. Why?
    Ans. The Candidates who passed their degree during or after the academic year mentioned below can only avail this service.
    • B.Tech—2000 to till date,
    • B.Pharmacy- 2009 batch to till date,
    • M.Tech – 2009 batch to till date,
    • M.Pharmacy –2009 batch to till date,
    • MBA – 2005 batch to till date,
    • MCA - 2005 batch to till date.

    5.Am I eligible to apply in online student service?
    Ans: Same as the answer for Q.no.4

    6. I received my provisional from an autonomous college, affiliated to JNTUH. Am I eligible to apply for transcripts?
    Ans. No, colleges which are affiliated and non-autonomous, are only eligible for applying transcripts in online student service.

    7.After applying (preferred mode: by hand) within how many days can I collect my consignment from JNTUH exam branch service counter?
    Ans. The candidates are informed to collect their transcripts from the service counters at exam branch JNTUH, within seven days after receiving the sms/email. If not collected within seven days, the candidate has to forego the claim of the transcripts. Under any circumstances, the transcripts will not be issued after seven days of receiving the sms/email.

    8. How long it takes to get my Certificates after applying in online student service?
    Ans. The printing and dispatching process will be completed within 2 working days after the payment is approved.

    9.Can I apply for online student service in tatkal service?
    Ans. There is no tatkal service to online student service.

    10.I have lost my Acknowledgement receipt. Where can I get it ?
    Ans. It is also sent to your registered email id, Hence you can login to your mail and can take the printout whenever you require.

    11.I got an Acknowledgement. What should I do after that?
    Ans. You keep that printout for further reference. In case if you have not received the applied certificates, then you can contact, Exam Branch, JNTUH with the printout of acknowledgement, at the student service counter no 1.

    12.As I am trying to track using the consignment number, it shows the consignment number given is not valid.What should I do?
    Ans: Consignment number received by you is correct. It will be trackable once postal/courier service picks and updates their database. You are advised to try again at the respective the postal / courier portals on the following day.

    13.How to apply online transcript for Original Degree certificate?
    Ans: At present, there is no transcript service for Original Degree certificate.

    14. I have applied for transcripts and received SMS/email to collect them from University counter. What identification proof should I bring for receiving my certificates?
    Ans: You should confirm your registered mobile number (which is used during registration) with dispatch clerk at the exam branch student service .No other proof is required .

    15. What are different stages until the consignment reaches my residential address?
    • PAYMENT APPROVED - After payment approved
    • PRINTING - Printing of applied certificates
    • INPROCESS - checking of applied certificates with address slip
    • DISPATCHEDBYPOST – Dispatched the applied certificates by post
    • DISPATCHEDBYHAND – Dispatched the applied certificates to service counter
    • DELIVERED - the applied certificates received by the candidate.

    16. For any clarification or information regarding transcripts, whom should I contact?
    Ans: You should contact JNTUH Exam Branch at Email:support.oss@jntuh.ac.in or at helpline no. 9491283135 during 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM on all working days.

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  2. Urmila

    Urmila New Member

    Iam the student of btech r09 2018 passed out ....so how i should apply OD certificate in online & when I can apply....when jntuh will be kept in site to apply in online ???? Can u give clarification about this?
  3. Updates4u

    Updates4u Well-Known Member

  4. Aziz

    Aziz New Member

    I have passed b.tech in april 2018 i got pc and cmm copies from college when I'm applying online for transcript of pc & cmm my data is showing the results till 3-2 semester only if i have to get transcript of pc & cmm what should i have to do now?

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  5. Rahul

    Rahul Well-Known Member

    Please contact Help Desk phone number: 9491283135 during 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM on all working days for enquiries/queries related to Student Services Portal or send mails related to online student services(OSS) to the mail id : support.oss@jntuh.ac.in
  6. Rahul

    Rahul Well-Known Member

    Contact the JNTUH helpline No.9491283135 / 9491293135) during 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM on all working days.

    Please contact Help Desk phone number: 9491283135 for enquiries/queries related to Student Services Portal or send mails related to online student services(OSS) to the mail id : support.oss@jntuh.ac.in
  7. Aamir Ahmed

    Aamir Ahmed New Member

    Hey did you get any help from them? The phone no.s given are either busy all the time or switched off. There is no reply from their email as well. :/ Let me know if you got any reply.
  8. Aamir Ahmed

    Aamir Ahmed New Member

    Thanks for the update. Lets hope it is rectified soon.
  9. Aamir Ahmed

    Aamir Ahmed New Member

    Any progress? I keep calling them and they wont respond or their phones are switched off. When they do answer they give me some other number or ask me to wait and cut the call in few seconds.

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