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JNTUH : Procedure to Apply for PC & CMM

Discussion in 'Procedures' started by Updates4u, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Gangadi Ramesh

    Gangadi Ramesh New Member

    Clg exam brach sir told me
    I cant do anything we send undertaking form three months back y should not respond uni i dont know
    Then how to get my memos sir
    Any another opition to get memos
    Sir please rply me
  2. Imran khan

    Imran khan New Member

    Hello Sir,

    Please do help me i am a 2014 passed out (ECE branch) and i have 2 backlogs (MM and M3) which i am writing since then and i considered M3 to add it for exception,
    At present i came to know that i can apply one subject for grace marks rule and leave the other subject (Can you please let me know the exact process to do it), when i have recently attempted the subject i got 12 in internal and 20 in external.
    Can i apply grace mark for this elective subject (Mathematical Methods) and leave other subject and apply for my PCC
    Please do help me as my college people are not responding to my query.

    Or Do you want me to apply for Re-correction of the subject.

    awaiting for your response, if there is no other option, i should wait till next may 2017. please help me sir.

    Last edited: Nov 19, 2016
  3. Boss

    Boss Well-Known Member

    After RV Results college exam cell staff should return the old memos, collect the revised memos from JNTUH & distribute them to students.
  4. Boss

    Boss Well-Known Member

    You need to wait until you get the memos to your respective college. Stay in touch with your college exam cell staff to find the status on memos.

    Apply for grace marks in the subject which you got 12+20 marks & leave other subject under exemption rule to get the memos. Apply for both the rules at your respective college.
  5. aman Sinha

    aman Sinha New Member

    Hello Sir , I have eliminated 2 subjects on 11th Feb . . When vll I receive the transcipts of CMM & PC . . Pls do respond .
    It's urgent . . I'll be waiting for Ur reply . .
    I don't want tatkal . . I want to know normal process of receiving PC&CMM . . .
  6. Boss

    Boss Well-Known Member

  7. krishna15

    krishna15 New Member

    I need clarification about apply PC & cmm my brother has passed out 2016 he didn't took those certificate because after 4-2 exams he quickly went usa . now he need those certificates. If can I apply those certificates behalf of him at JNTUH in tatkal process. Please inform me as soon as possible
  8. Updates4u

    Updates4u Well-Known Member

  9. krishna15

    krishna15 New Member

    How many credits secured for R13 batch
  10. Updates4u

    Updates4u Well-Known Member

  11. Achhu

    Achhu New Member

    I got 4-1 advance supply results today and im qualified in that exam, so now i have completely 2 backlogs which are of 7 credits. I want to leave those two subjects and I want to apply PC and CMM in tatkal process. But i dont have this 4-1 advance supply memo. How can I apply now. I need them very soon as I am committed to a company to join for them. So please suggest me the best way to get my certificates quickly
  12. Updates4u

    Updates4u Well-Known Member

    Apply for 4-1 Supple memo in tatkal process to get it soon and apply even PC, CMM in tatkal process. No need of 4-1 memo while applying for PC,CMM in tatkal process.
  13. Achhu

    Achhu New Member

    I want to leave two subjects in 2-1 so how many days it takes sir
  14. Updates4u

    Updates4u Well-Known Member

    If you apply in tatkal process at JNTUH it wont take more than 5 to 6 working days. They will inform you the collection date while you apply for memos at JNTUH.
  15. Achhu

    Achhu New Member

    thank you sir
  16. Achhu

    Achhu New Member

    Sir, actually I have a doubt that I want to eliminate 2 subjects from 2-1 which i wrote on march 2017 even the results are not out yet so is it possible to eliminate those 2 subjects
  17. Rahul

    Rahul Well-Known Member

    Hello Achhu, can you mention your regulation/year of joining B.Tech. In total how many backlog do you have & to which year/semester does those belong to ? mention the subject names even.
  18. Achhu

    Achhu New Member

    R09 regulation
    2012 year joining
    i have at present 2 backlogs from 2-1
    1) EM-1
    2) M-3
    recently i got 4-1 results i have one backlog HVE and im passed in that subject
    Now i want to apply pc and cmm as soon as possible because i got selected in a job
  19. Sairam@pantham

    Sairam@pantham New Member

    Sir I have three backlogs.. in one subject I got 25 marks.. how can I go for my cmm/od.
  20. Boss

    Boss Well-Known Member

    Yes you can leave those 2 subjects & you can get the degree. Apply for PC,CMM in tatkal process at JNTUH to get the memos within a week.

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