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JNTUH 9th Convocation - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Discussion in 'Notifications' started by Rahul, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. Rahul

    Rahul Well-Known Member


    1. How to apply for my Original Degree (OD) in IX Convocation?
    Ans. Please open the JNTUH website ( jntuh.ac.in) and click on the IX Convocation Icon at the bottom of the home page, it will redirect to IX Convocation portal. (OR) by using the url: https://epayments.jntuh.ac.in/convocation/ you can apply for your OD in IX convocation.

    2. Am I eligible to apply in IX Convocation?
    Ans. The Candidates who are passed in the academic year 2018-2019 are eligible for applying in IX Convocation for their OD provided, If they have not taken the OD in pre-convocation mode earlier.

    3. While Applying for OD, It is not asking for uploading the photo?
    Ans. If the Candidate’s photo is available with JNTUH, it will not ask to upload the photo while applying for OD.

    4. I have applied for my OD in IX convocation, but I need my OD urgently. What is the procedure to obtain my OD urgently.
    Ans. Once you have applied in IX Convocation, if you need OD urgently, you can apply in preconvocation mode by using the url: https://epayments.jntuh.ac.in/onlineconvocationservices/ which enables you to get the OD within 15 days of your application independent of IX convocation. In this case, the application made in IX convocation will become NULL and if any fee paid through payment gateway only refundable by submitting refund request at the Exam Branch, JNTUH.

    5. How long it takes to get my OD after applying in IX Convocation?
    Ans. The printing and dispatching process of OD’s will start within few days after the IX Convocation Ceremony (the Convocation Ceremony is expected to be held in the month of May- 2020).

    6. Can I apply for OD in Tatkal service?
    Ans. There is no Tatkal service to OD’s, but can apply in Pre-Convocation mode as mentioned in the answer to question number four.

    7. I have a name correction on my Provisional Certificate (PC), Can I apply for OD?
    Ans. Generally PC is valid up to six months from the date of its issue. Hence first you have to apply for OD, once it is received then you can make a request for name correction in OD.

    8. I have applied OD in IX Convocation, but it is not asking for OD fee payment why?
    Ans. As we have already received the OD fee along with the B.Tech / B.Pharm IV-II and MBA II-II / MCA III-II Examination fee, you need not pay OD fee now. But you have to generate the acknowledgement receipt for getting the OD.

    9. I have paid my OD fee along with B.Tech / B.Pharm IV-II and MBA II-II / MCA III-II Exam fee, shall I need to apply now in IX Convocation for getting my OD?
    Ans. Even though OD fee paid during B.Tech / B.Pharm IV-II and MBA II-II / MCA III-II Examination fee, it is mandatory that they have to register in IX Convocation and have to generate the acknowledgement receipt for getting the OD.

    10. When I am trying to apply OD in IX Convocation, I am getting Invalid Hallticket number. Why?
    Ans. Please note that the students who have passed in the academic year 2018-19 are eligible to apply in IX Convocation, provided they have not taken their OD in pre-convocation mode earlier. In Case you are eligible but it is showing Invalid Hall ticket Number, then contact JNTUH Exam Branch through Email: convjntuh@gmail.com or helpline no. 9491283135/9491293135 during 10:30 AM to 5:00 PM on all working days.

    11. I have lost my Acknowledgement receipt (or) Payment Receipt where can I get it?
    Ans. In this case you can login in to the IX Convocation portal and can take the printout whenever you require.

    12. I have uploaded wrong photo while applying OD what should I do?
    Ans. You need to place a hard copy representation to the Director of Evaluation, JNTUH along with your softcopy of original photo & id proof.

    13. I Got an Acknowledgement, What should I do after that?
    Ans. You Keep that printout for further reference, In case if you have not receive your OD after couple of months after IX Convocation ceremony, then you can contact Exam Branch, JNTUH with the printout of acknowledgement at the counter No:1.

    14. Should I submit the paid challan copy in the University after paying my OD amount in SBI Bank?
    Ans. No, It is not necessary to submit the paid challan copy in the University. But you can enter your paid challan details by clicking on Add Challana Details link provided in the IX Convocation portal.

    15. While I am applying for OD in IX convocation it is showing the fee of Rs. 3,500/2,900 why?
    Ans. The IX Convocation OD fee is 600 rupees only, you may be opened wrong portal which may be pre-convocation portal. The pre-convocation OD fee is Rs. 3,500/2,900 (Rs. 600/- already paid in 4th year), please ensure that you are using the IX Convocation portal URL: https://epayments.jntuh.ac.in/convocation/

    16. I have forgotten my IX Convocation portal password, How can I get my password?
    Ans. Click on forgot password link available in the home page of IX Convocation portal it will ask to enter your Hallticket number,registered mobile number & Email id for verification. Once the verification is successful you will receive the password to your registered Email id.

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  2. Mohammed akheel

    Mohammed akheel New Member

    Sir i have applied for grace on mar 1 2020 when will the new memo will come & if the date of od completed what can i do to get od once the date is gone?
  3. Rahul

    Rahul Well-Known Member

    You can apply in post-convocation method (By paying the amount which is shown in the pots-convocation page) even after the last date is completed.
  4. Mohammed akheel

    Mohammed akheel New Member

    I can afford large amount it is too expensive after last date
    When will the new memo of grace mark will come if i applied on mar 1 2020
  5. Rahul

    Rahul Well-Known Member

    it might take 15 to 25 days working days i think so. You can verify the same from the students service counters at JNTUH.

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