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JNTU-ANANTAPUR : Procedure for obtaining duplicate certificates (Marks Memos, PC, CMM, OD)

Discussion in 'Procedures' started by Boss, Sep 1, 2015.

  1. Boss

    Boss Well-Known Member

    Following is the procedure to obtain duplicate certificate from JNTUA, Anantapur A.P.

    The following documents are to be submitted:
    1. Demand Draft (DD) drawn in favour of “The Registrar JNTU Anantapur” payable at Anantapur on any nationalized bank for Rs. 200/- per marks memo, Rs.500/- per provisional certificate, Migration and CMM certificate & Rs.3000/- per Original Degree Certificate. Payment can also be made through SBI Challan Power Jyothi A/c 32950804752 and the University copy of the challan has to be enclosed.

    2) Police enquiry and non traceable certificate.

    3) An affidavit on the stamp paper of Rs.100/- issued by the Notary (Advocate)

    4) Filled in application in the prescribed proforma signed, duly stamped and forwarded through the principal of the concerned college where the applicant has studied.

    1) The duplicate certificate will be sent to the principal of the college concerned only, under intimation to the candidate.

    2) If the original certificate is soiled, torn or damaged, the same should be enclosed. In such cases, police enquiry certificate and affidavit are not required.

    Following certificates should be sent along with application without fail:
    1. Original Police Enquiry certificate to the effect that the certificate/ Marks Memo is lost beyond recovery and the enquiries have been made to trace the original certificate but in vain.

    2. An affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper/special adhesive stamp worth of Rs. 100/- by 1st class Magistrate/ Notary (as per proforma)

    3. Bank demand draft/challan for Rs.200/- for duplicate marks memo, Rs. 500/- for provisional certificate, Migration & CMM certificate & Rs. 3000/- for Original Degree.

    If the spoiled certificate is available or in case any pieces of it are available they may be sent to this office along with the application. In case the damaged original certificate is enclosed, police enquiry certificate and affidavit are not required.

    Application Form for Duplicate Marks Memos @ http://downloads.universityupdates.in/K7

    Affidavit (Proforma) @ http://downloads.universityupdates.in/K6
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  2. Hema

    Hema New Member

    I have studied my first and second year of btech in one college and 3 Rd and 4th year in another college..both the colleges are affiliated to jntu anantapur.I have lost my all semisters marklists and CMM. But I have my pc with me. And I haven't took the original.degree certificate yet.In some website I have seen that signature of principal is required..do I need to take the signatures of both college principals?
  3. Boss

    Boss Well-Known Member

    Forward the applications through the college [In which you had studies 3rd & 4th Year] to JNTUA.
  4. DIleep kumar

    DIleep kumar New Member

    hello sir . I completed my b.tech in 2015.While travelling in bus my b.tech CMM certificate was missed, but my question is whether the amount is paying to my CMM certificate or all certificates
  5. Boss

    Boss Well-Known Member

    Apply for CMM only.
  6. DIleep kumar

    DIleep kumar New Member

    tq u sir, while applying for CMM affidavit and police verification is mandatory or not if yes then application for duplicate mark memo is filled and to be enclosed .After all files are enclosed then the application i have to be forwarded through JNTUA register or through Concerned college?
  7. Boss

    Boss Well-Known Member

    Forward it through your college to JNTUA.
  8. Fayaz Shaik

    Fayaz Shaik New Member

    Hello sir,
    My Original Supplie 2-2 Sem Marks Memo is missing sir,I have cleared all my subjects,Now my Question is that for applying PC(Provisional Certificate) can I Enclose Internet Attested Principal sir signed copy with all my Original Memo's....Is it possible sir....can I get PC after doing this .......plz sir give me reply as soon as possible
  9. Updates4u

    Updates4u Well-Known Member

    Find it from your college exam cell staff.
  10. vinay1729

    vinay1729 New Member

    Is it the same procedure for sem wise marks memos. I lost 5 sem wise marks memos . I need to submit 5 application along with each of the document????
  11. Updates4u

    Updates4u Well-Known Member

    Yes the process is same. One application is enough.

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